'Hey Honey, I think I'll be feeling really tabloid trashy this weekend, so let's take the kids and head to Branson.

Let's not forget the Federal Transportation Grants, matching Federal Funds and the HUGE tax breaks. Oh, and getting with the 21st century is a plus as well.

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Mayor Best, while you are at it, could you lobby to get us a Sam's Club, a Costco or other warehouse-type purchasing source. Actually, I support anything and everything that cuts our ties to Springfield and brings everything to our front door.

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At least one Aldi would be a serious boon for Branson. With the decline in sales for Walmart combined with the expected bankruptcy of Bi-Lo(which includes Winn-Dixie), Aldi is capitalizing with aggressive expansion throughout the United States.

In June 2017, Aldi announced the opening…