Reeds Spring v Marshfield

Reeds Spring senior Cailub Solis goes in for the tackle. The Wolves fell 43-25 against Marshfield.

The Reeds Spring Wolves didn’t see their home field for the entirety of September due to their game against Springfield Catholic being canceled. They returned home Friday night to face Marshfield, and head coach Andy McFarland knew it would be a tough one going in.

The Wolves fell 43-25, putting their record at 2-3 for the season.

The cancellation of the Springfield Catholic game two weeks ago gave McFarland and some of the other coaches a chance to travel and watch Marshfield take on Hollister – the next two teams the Wolves would face. McFarland noted then that Marshfield had a lot of size and talented athletes. Marshfield showed that in Friday’s game at Reeds Spring.

McFarland said the loss Friday was due to too many mistakes on their part, primarily turning the ball over.

“I thought we competed really well but we just made too many mistakes,” McFarland said. 

He said they can’t expect to turn the ball over like they did and expect to win games, especially against a team with the talent Marshfield has.

Each team picked up a touchdown on their first drives Friday. Marshfield went to the end zone first, and completed a two-point conversion to take an eight point lead. The Wolves scored shortly after, but just went for one extra point. The Wolves trailed 8-7. Both teams were held on their second drives. 

Marshfield would go on to fumble the ball, and the Wolves picked it up. It gave sophomore Caden Wiest a chance to score. Reeds Spring went for the extra point again, and the team was up 14-8 over Marshfield with 1:21 to go in the first quarter. That would be the score to end the first.

Marshfield scored twice in the second, putting them back on top 23-14. The Wolves got within five yards of their end zone, but couldn’t quite make it there. Instead, senior Colton Cramblett went for a field goal that put Reeds Spring just six points behind their opponent. 

The score would stand at 23-17 with Marshfield on top to end the half. 

Coming back from the half, the third quarter would be pretty quiet from the Wolves. Marshfield scored with 6:21 to go, and Reeds Spring would have the ball once more. Marshfield intercepted a pass, but they were unable to make anything come out of it. After three quarters of play, Marshfield led 30-17. 

Marshfield got things started again in the fourth quarter, scoring a touchdown with 10:33 left to play. They set up for a two-point conversion, but it was no good. 

Less than 30 seconds later, a catch by junior Evan Gross would score the first touchdown for the Wolves in the second half. Their attempt at a two-point conversion was good, bringing them just 11 points away from Marshfield’s lead.

The Wolves couldn’t hold their opponent back though. Marshfield scored another touchdown with 4:38 left to play, and their attempt at the extra point was good. Nothing else would come out of Friday’s game from either side, leaving the Wolves with the 43-25 loss.

Despite the loss, McFarland noted the team did some good things Friday night and everything that went wrong are things that can be fixed..

“The message I gave to the team is that everything that went wrong is all things we can fix and we have control over,” McFarland said. “But we’ve got to fix them, we can’t turn the ball over and expect to win games.” 

Reeds Spring is home again next Friday, where they’ll face McDonald County (4-2). McFarland said he’s just excited to be home again.

“Tonight was only my second game here at our home stadium, so I’m looking forward to spending more time at home,” McFarland said. “It makes everything a little bit easier. We’re excited about that.”

In other area news, Forsyth beat Stockton/Sheldon 56-16, Branson fell 35-7 against Webb City and Hollister fell 22-14 at Aurora.

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