Ballparks of America was set to begin the spring baseball season, and its first tournament under new ownership, this weekend. Releases from both Game 7 and Ballparks of America noted games were postponed or being looked at on a week-to-week basis amid COVID-19 concerns.

Ballparks of America won’t see its first games of the season, and games under new ownership, for longer than anticipated. 

The first tournament of the season at Ballparks of America was supposed to take place this weekend, the 27th to 29th. Abiding by recommendations from the CDC, Game 7, the organization putting together the tournament, made a decision to cancel or postpone games until April 6. They noted that some events would possibly be rescheduled later in the year.

Game 7 posted online that it would continue to monitor the ongoing impact of COVID-19 and would post updates regarding future events as they are received. 

As of now, Game 7 is set to host Best of the Midwest 11u and 12u tournaments at Ballparks of America on April 17-19. 

Ballparks of America released a statement on their website stating the company would make decisions regarding other spring tournaments on a week-to-week basis. The release noted that Ballparks of America had been in contact with their hotel partner, and in the event of a cancellation due to circumstances involving COVID-19, refunds of hotel deposits would be given to families and teams. 

Ballparks of America also noted the company was in the process of implementing enhanced health and safety procedures. 

At this time, it’s expected for summer tournaments to move forward as planned. The summer season at Ballparks of America runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day – typically ending with the Cal Ripken Major/70 World Series put on by Babe Ruth League.

Babe Ruth League has issued statements of its own, urging their leagues around the country to follow guidelines set forth by the CDC, World Health Organization, the state’s public health department and other county or local authorities including area school districts and government agencies.

Ballparks of America stated it would provide regular updates on summer tournaments throughout the spring and whenever warranted.      

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