The Lady Cats picked up their 14th win of the season with their second victory over the University of the Virgin Islands earlier this week. 

On Tuesday, the team came out with a 74-33 win for their 13th win of the season and they picked up their 14th on Wednesday with a 73-45 win.

Head coach Becky Mullis said she felt the team just came in and took care of business.

“Everybody got to play a lot of minutes,” Mullis said. “We just cleaned up some things (on Wednesday), (Tuesday) we just gave up too many offensive rebounds and we turned the ball over too much.”

On Tuesday, senior Ashley Forrest and freshman Harper Little both put up 15 points. Junior Abby Oliver followed with 11. Sophomore Annie Noah also had 11 rebounds. On Wednesday, Oliver had 17 points, and Forrest had 11.

Mullis added that she was proud of the team for how well they did, considering it can be a bit difficult to focus when it’s 80 degrees out and the beach is so close. She said it was a great experience for both teams, as some of them may never have had the chance to travel to the Virgin Islands otherwise. 


Bobcats 1-1 in Virgin Islands

The Bobcats fell on Tuesday 85-77, but senior Brandt Cochran still managed to put up 26 points and 11 assists. Freshman Ayden Stone followed with 22 points and sophomore Klay Barton had 13.

On Wednesday, they were able to turn around and pick up their ninth win of the season with a 73-62 victory.

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