The Reeds Spring Wolves had another game effected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally, the team was scheduled to play McDonald County Friday night. Reeds Spring learned Tuesday that wouldn’t be happening, due to quarantine.

Immediately, head coach Andy McFarland said they started calling around to schools in Missouri – they even branched out and called some schools in Arkansas and Kansas.

“I felt it was important we still played a game and got those varsity reps in,” McFarland said. 

Eventually, they found a team willing to make the trip to come and play in Reeds Spring. That team was the Bulldogs, a team from Kearney, Missouri – three and a half hours away from Reeds Spring, just north of Kansas City.

McFarland said the Bulldogs easily had 100 kids on the field during warm ups Friday night, while the Wolves had their normal 40 or so. The team comes from a large school, and he said they were just glad to have an opponent. 

“We were excited to play a bigger school and a tough opponent,” McFarland said. 

McFarland added that he was proud of the team for competing the whole time. 

McFarland said the team has struggled offensively all year, and they put the ball on the ground a couple times Friday. Defensively, he said Kearney had a talented quarterback that kind of wore them out. Offensively, the team struggled to block Kearney’s defensive line in the first half. They made some adjustments at halftime, and saw more success at that time. 

“We put it in the end zone a couple of times,” McFarland said. “I think everybody is just glad that we were able to find a game and get some film of ourselves playing another varsity team, and use that to prepare ourselves as we get closer to districts.”

The Wolves fell 40-14 against Kearney, but McFarland said the team came away with a lot of good from it.

“I, of course, would have liked to come away with a win,” McFarland said. “But we did come away with a lot of positives. We competed the entire time.”

The game is the second the Wolves have had effected by the pandemic. The first came in Week 4, when Springfield Catholic had to quarantine. The Wolves didn’t have time to find a different opponent that time, so they missed playing Week 4. 

McFarland said things have been changing for them since the beginning of the season, when a jamboree against Branson got canceled and they had to go play Ozark. At that time, he said he told the team that was how things could go this season. 

The Wolves are on the road this Friday, where they’ll face Aurora. Aurora is a conference and district opponent, and McFarland said it’s an important game for the Wolves. 

“I’m glad we did not have to have a by-week the week before that,” McFarland said. “At this point, we just need the reps.”

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