This weekend proved to be a tough one on the road for Tri-Lakes area teams.

All four area teams (Branson, Forsyth, Hollister and Reeds Spring) spent Friday night on the road, but they were unable to bring home any wins. Branson lost 26-16 at Ozark, Hollister lost 31-6 at Nevada, Reeds Spring lost 27-23 at Lamar and Forsyth lost 49-0 at Buffalo. 


Reeds Spring

Reeds Spring is 1-1 after the first two weeks of football.

Head Coach Andy McFarland knew the trip to Lamar would be a tough one, but the Wolves did something many didn’t expect – they held onto the lead for a majority of the game. 

Prior to Friday’s game, McFarland had said how impressed he was with the new head coach at Lamar and his understanding of the game. 

“It was close the whole time,” McFarland said. “I don’t think that was anything anyone in the area expected, for us to go down to Lamar and to compete the way we did. Of course that’s something you’re happy with. But when you’ve got an opportunity to win a game against a good team on the road, you’ve got to finish.”

Reeds Spring received the kickoff and drove down and scored on their opening drive off a 20 yard touchdown pass. 

Then Lamar scored off their opening play.

McFarland said he was worried all week after seeing Lamar’s opening game against Springfield Catholic. 

“I was worried about big plays with their offense against our defense,” McFarland said. “After that opening play, it kind of felt like it was going to be a rough night.”

After that opening play, McFarland said the Wolves’ defense played really well. 

“Had it not been for us turning the ball over on our end of the field, our defense played well enough for us to win the game,” McFarland said. 

Reeds Spring is on the road again Friday, where they’ll face Mt. Vernon who is 2-0 for the season. 



Hollister is starting out the season with two losses, after their loss at Nevada Friday and last week’s loss against Monett.

Head Coach Rich Adkins said his team performed really well last week, but their defense struggled Friday night. 

“We had some trouble on defense,” Adkins said. “Nevada’s offensive line did a really great job against us, and they made it tough. We just had a tough time, it wasn’t our night.”

Adkins said the team played hard, but just didn’t make the plays when they needed to. He said it was close in the first half, but Nevada’s offense just stayed on the field and played hard.

“Our defense couldn’t get off the field,” Adkins said. “In the third quarter, they had a long eight- or nine-minute drive. It was just tough on us as far as that goes.”

Moving forward, Adkins said, the team just needs to continue to improve as they’re going to continue to face tough teams.

“We just have to continue to get better,” Adkins said. “We have to try and fix some of our mistakes from last night, and then hopefully be better and get that first win.” 

Hollister plays Seneca at home next Friday. Seneca is 1-1 for the season after the first two weeks. 



Forsyth is 1-1 for the season after Friday’s 49-0 loss at Buffalo. They hit the road again Friday to play Clever.

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