Kendrick Bailey holds the ball on Friday at the Blue Eye Invitational. The Hollister Lady Tigers have dropped their last three games.

Hollister head coach Jimmy Lincoln said the girls are still struggling with shooting the ball, and that was evident in Monday night’s 37-30 loss to Sparta.

Despite that, Lincoln said the team plays hard and doesn’t struggle defensively. They’re just struggling to put the ball in the hole. 

“We shot 20% the other night from the floor,” Lincoln said. “When you only put up 30 points, you’re not going to win many games. 

“Right now we’re struggling from the free throw line, and we’re struggling from the field. Buckets aren’t falling.”

The Lady Tigers have to play hard as they don’t have much size. Lincoln said he gave the team the weekend off after playing back to back in the Blue Eye Invitational – hoping to allow them to get their legs back underneath them and regain their strength, as they only really play seven players. 

On Monday, Lincoln primarily played three juniors, five sophomores and a freshman.

“We’re still fairly young,” Lincoln said. “That’s catching us a little bit.”

Despite the losses so far, Lincoln knows it’s a long season and the team isn’t down yet. And the team has a good attitude, because they know they want to win. 

In practice, the team is working on hitting shots. Lincoln said they didn’t make a lot of shots in practice on Wednesday either. 

He added that girls who made a lot of shots for the team last year are struggling to hit their shots this year.

But, he’d rather the team be performing well defensively and not hitting their shots than not being able to perform well defensively and hitting their shots. 

He said it’s harder to fix when a team gives up 70 points a night due to not being able to guard.   

“We’re going to start hitting our shots,” Lincoln said. “When we do, our defense is where it needs to be. That’s going to make us pretty good.”

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