The Forsyth Panthers improved to 3-3 for the season after picking up a 56-16 win Friday night at Stockton/Sheldon. The win follows a two-game losing streak. 

Head coach Kris Conley admitted the team was on a bit of a rough stretch for the last couple of weekends, but said the team kept showing up and working. 

“I’m really proud of our guys and the work they’ve been putting in,” Conley said. “They want to win, and they want to win bad.” 

He said the team has never strayed away from the game when things have gotten tough, instead, they kept believing and kept working. 

“I think that’s great,” Conley said. 

Friday’s game showed Conley the work the team has been putting in at practice is paying off. He said the team performed well on both ends of the ball. 

“I think our guys are finally starting to play more consistently for four quarters,” Conley said. 

Conley said, on the defensive end of the ball, his team executed their game plan really well. On the offensive end of the ball, he said it was probably one of the better overall games this season. They didn’t punt all night, had no turnovers and scored on all of their drives. 

“It really was a complete game for our guys,” Conley said. 

The Panthers are going to need to keep that up heading into this Friday’s game against Strafford. Strafford, while 2-4 on the season, is a team Conley believes could easily have a better record. In three of Strafford’s four losses, the team lost by a margin of eight points or fewer. 

Conley said this Friday’s game will be a different style than the last.

“Stockton ran the ball quite a bit,” Conley said. “Strafford likes to sling it, and they’ve got a lot of talented receivers.” 

He added the team also has a talented quarterback and an athletic offensive line, but the game should be one that’s competitive on both sides. 

“I think we’re just going to have to put a full game together,” Conley said.  

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