Hollister and Blue Eye faced each other on the volleyball court Monday night. Hollister entered the game 3-1 on the season and Blue Eye entered the game 3-5-1. 

The Lady Tigers were able to secure their fourth win of the season over Blue Eye in four sets.

The first set, Hollister took a 25-23 win.  In the second set, Hollister won 25-21. Blue Eye came back to beat Hollister in the third set 25-22, but they were unable to hold that same momentum in the fourth set and fell 25-17.


The rest of Hollister’s regular season is as follows:

9/21 @ Clever

9/22 @ Hillcrest

9/24 @ Forsyth

10/1 @ Logan-Rogersville

10/3 Mt. Vernon Varsity Tournament

10/6 vs Aurora

10/8 @ Marshfield

10/13 vs Reeds Spring

10/15 @ Springfield Catholic

10/17 Hollister Tournament

10/19 @ Monett

10/20 vs Mt. Vernon


The rest of Blue Eye’s regular season is as follows:

9/21 @ Southwest (Washburn)

9/24 @ Clever

9/28 vs Bradleyville

9/29 vs Sparta

10/1 @ Fordland

10/3 Lady Bulldog Invitational

10/6 @ Spokane

10/8 vs Galena

10/12 vs Billings

10/15 vs Purdy

10/17 Hollister Tournament

10/19 @ Forsyth

10/22 @ Crane

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