Emily Shipman powers past an opponent to go up for a shot. The Lady Panthers’ season came to an end Saturday against Strafford.

The Lady Panthers’ season ended Saturday, after a 54-24 loss to Strafford. They ended the season with a 20-7 record, an improvement from last year’s 15-11 record.

Their journey in the district tournament started Monday, where the team battled to a 75-45 win against Conway. They kept it up Wednesday and beat Hollister 53-45. 

The Lady Panthers were seeded at No. 2 after an impressive 18-6 record in the regular season. They allowed 46.8 points on average per game, while putting up an average of 57.7 of their own. Strafford was the No. 1 seed. Strafford went 23-3 in the regular season, allowing just 38 points on average per game while averaging 60.8 points of their own. 

Strafford got a lead on the Lady Panthers early Saturday. After one quarter of play, the Lady Panthers trailed by 12 points. 

Strafford put up nine points in the second, held the Lady Panthers to eight and went to the break with a 28-15 lead. 

The Lady Panthers, who had a strong third quarter against Conway earlier in the week, struggled to keep up in the third quarter. 

Strafford allowed them just four points and added 13 of their own. 

It was much of the same in the fourth. The Lady Panthers added just five more points in the final eight minutes, while Strafford added another 13. 

Though the post-season ended for the Lady Panthers, it is the winningest season head coach Mandy Rogers has had in her six seasons at Forsyth, and it was the first time the team has made it past the first round of districts under her direction.

Panthers: The Panthers’ season ended on Thursday, after a 66-64 loss to Strafford. The boys were 17-11 for the season, a slight improvement to last year’s 14-12 record. This season was also the first time in four years the team had made it past the first round of districts.

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