Buck Sanders takes the pitch from Hunter Creson in Friday’s game against Skyline. The Panthers fell 46-6.

Friday’s game against Skyline didn’t go the way the Forsyth Panthers would have liked, but Conley knew it would be a tough one as Skyline had taken the win in their last three games. The Panthers fell 46-6.

Conley added that he thinks the team got started faster than they did the previous week, and they opened up with a really good drive even if it didn’t turn into any points for the Panthers.

Ultimately, Conley said Friday night’s struggle dealt with getting the ball into the end zone. He said the team brought the ball back up the field toward their end zone three additional times, and they moved the ball really well – they just couldn’t put it in the end zone when they wanted to.

“(Skyline) is a quality football team,” Conley said. “We tried to take some things away from them.”

Overall, Conley said the team played hard for the most part Friday. They made some mistakes here and there, and didn’t quite run the coverage the way as planned at times.

With the loss, the Panthers fall to 2-3 on the season. They hit the road Friday to face Stockton/Sheldon, a conference opponent that’s 0-5 for the season. Conley said the team is looking to get their first conference win of the season. 

“I think conference games have a lot more intensity than some non-conference games,” Conley said. “I’m looking forward to that. I think it’ll be a pretty good matchup, both teams are looking for their first conference win.” 

Despite the last two losses, Conley is proud of how his team keeps showing up and improving each and every day.

“We’ve had a really rough stretch,” Conley said. “Three of our last four games have been really, really tough. I think we’ve learned a lot from those games and hopefully we can use that moving forward.“


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