In recent months, the city of Forsyth has twice rejected calls to allow residents to raise chickens in the city limits. Do you think cities and towns, like Forsyth, should allow the raising of chickens, providing there are adequate restrictions? (Typical restrictions prohibit roosters, and limit hens to no more than six.)

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The "No. chickens do not belong in cities." option is amusing. Forsyth - a city? Come on! These are the Ozarks! If people don't want to live around small farm animals, perhaps they should choose another area to reside. A lot of people move to this area to retire, not aware of the culture around here, then they complain when they encounter something they didn't expect. It reminds me of when I lived in the Seattle area and a bunch of California transplants that lived along the shores of Lake Washington were complaining about the noises of the annual Seafair celebration on and around Lake Washington across the road from their expensive homes. Hydroplane races, crowd noise, and, oh, God forbid, the Blue Angels rehearsals for several days before their main show on "Seafair Sunday". They petitioned the city to stop the festivities, or, at the very least, get rid of the Blue Angels part of the celebration. YEAH, RIGHT! They got laughed right out of town. If you don't like it, learn to like it, or move elsewhere. Good grief.

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