On June 23 a petition to add property to the 76 Entertainment Community Improvement District (CID) was passed by the Branson Board of Aldermen.

According to City Clerk Lisa Westfall at the June 9 meeting, a petition was filed on Feb. 14, 2020 on behalf of certain owners of property adjacent to the CID.

The purpose of the petition is to amend the boundaries and add additional property to the 76 CID to provide CID services to an expanded area of the city’s Hwy 76 entertainment corridor.

“Generally the community improvement district can expand property by adding land around it that’s contiguous as long as a few requirements are met,” said Attorney Jacob Lowry at the June 9 meeting. “The executive director and city clerk mentioned on Feb. 14 we filed a petition and then it’s up to the city clerk, with my assistance, to review the petition to make sure it meets the statutory requirements set forth in the CID Act in Missouri statutes.”

The petition was then verified and deemed compliant with the CID Act by the City Clerk.

“Generally, 50% of the property owners in the real property to be added and 50% of the assessed value in the property to be added, they have to consent yes to the addition to the community improvement district,” said Lowry. “So, I know that was a long process for the district to pull those consents together and submit the petition.”

According to Lowry, all statutory (legal) requirements for the project have been met.

“City Clerk and I have done our due diligence in reviewing those consents,” said Lowry. “So once we can determine that the assessed value tests is met, which in this case was easily met, and the per capita owner test was met, then that kicks off certain statutory requirements including there’s a certain timeframe in which a public notice (must be given and) a public hearing must be held, which is what’s happening tonight. Then certain notices have to be published in the newspaper and also mailed to all the property owners within the district currently and the district to be added.

“The 76 Entertainment Community Improvement District is in place now. It is acting as it should, charging a 1% sales tax on sales inside the district, that will be a component of the added property - it’s a substantial amount of real property and a substantial amount of property owners. 

“We’re happy to say that standing here tonight all statutory requirements have been met and we’re able to move forward with the first reading of the ordinance to approve the addition of the property to the district.”

Both the first and final read were passed by the aldermen.

The 76 Entertainment Community Improvement District released the following press release on June 23 after the passing of the bill.

“Branson Board of Aldermen gave final approval to expand the 76 Entertainment Community Improvement District at the June 23 City Council meeting. 

The unanimous vote in favor of Bill 5823, the petition to add certain real property to the geographic footprint of the District, officially expanded the District from Shepherd of the Hills Expressway along West 76 Country Boulevard east to the Branson Auto & Farm Museum.

“The original 76ECID was formed in May 2016 when property owners from Presleys’ Theatre to the Branson Ferris Wheel, (Segment 3 or Phase 1A of the overall project) established the District and voted in support of a 1% sales tax to fund its revitalization and ongoing maintenance and operations.

“The expansion petition adds five additional segments to the District: segments 1 and 2 to the west, and segments 4, 5 and 6 to the east. To expand the District, at least 51% of the unique property owners representing at least 51% of the assessed property value within the area had to request annexation.

“Gail Myer, Chairman of the 76ECID Board of Directors said, ‘The unanimous support of City Council is an important endorsement of this essential project. Their approval allows us to move forward, in collaboration with 76ECID property owners and businesses, to improve the beauty, safety and functionality of this vital economic corridor.’

“The next step in the 76ECID expansion process is notification to the Missouri Department of Revenue who is responsible for collecting the 1% sales tax within the District boundaries. 

New areas of the District will join Segment 3 in collecting one penny per dollar of retail sales beginning October 1, 2020.”

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