King’s Chapel Branson took over the Music City Center theater last year and began holding services, and even a show, in June (see the June 24 edition of Branson Tri-Lakes News for more) but the grand opening will take place this weekend.

Campus Pastor Chris Davis spoke to the Branson Tri-Lakes News about what to expect.

“Our grand opening for the community is next Sunday, July 5, and we have a guest speaker here who’s a top notch, nationwide, even internationally known and effective speaker named Dave Roever,” said Davis.

“(Roever) has an incredible testimony of (the) Vietnam tragedy he went through, and at night, at 5 p.m., he actually has several noted veteran speakers who are a part of his team, and it’s going to be kind of a freedom rally, emphasis on freedom in people’s lives and in our nation.”

According to their website, King’s Chapel Branson and their Campus Pastors Chris and Melissa Davis are currently hosting church services on Sundays at 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. They also have a Wednesday service at 7 p.m.

Along with church services, King’s Chapel Branson will also host a series of shows titled “Jesus the Experience” on weekends from June 19 to Aug. 9.

“We are doing what would be considered Jesus’ life and ministry as an adult in this show Jesus The Experience,” said Davis. “How that all came about really was we were pastoring King’s Chapel in Irving, Texas before we came here (and) we had in mind at some point maybe we would end up in Branson. We were kind of praying about it and the straight up story is that I just felt like God laid on my heart to do this show….we basically came in faith and felt as a part of that, that God laid on our heart to have a church here.

“Our plan is to do them (the shows) ongoing and just take it (one) step at a time as we’re able to.”

More information and tickets can be found at

Music City Center, located at 1839 W 76 Country Blvd, was purchased on April 24, 2019 by King’s Chapel Branson, according to the Taney County Assessor’s Office. According to Davis, King’s Chapel Branson has around 320 locations worldwide and they are excited to see the gospel reach people in the community.

“First of all, the No.1 priority is for people to help them come into the knowledge of God and into a relationship with Jesus Christ our savior….We also hope to help people that are struggling with addictions.

“We have a ministry called Celebrate Recovery and we’ve also had some other what we call ‘Freedom Groups’ that are outreach to the community to try to help people who are struggling, like I said, with addictions or other habits or life controlling problems. We hope to see that continue to grow, just to be able to help serve our community. We have like a jail ministry to the Stone County women’s jail where once a week we have someone who goes there to encourage and share the word of God and minister to ladies there.”


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