Organizers for the 2nd Annual Branson Con, set for the Welk Resort in Branson March 6-8, 2020, have been announcing guests for the past several months, and recently confirmed actor and author Kevin Sorbo will headline the event.

According to the Branson Con folks, “Sorbo became a mega household name when he took on the role of ‘Hercules’ in the 1990s.”  Sorbo played “Hercules” in five made-for-television movies, in 1994, continued in the role for six seasons on the syndicated hit “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,” from 1995 to 1999. 

Following the successful run of “Hercules,” Sorbo began playing Captain Dylan Hunt in the TV series “Andromeda,” which ran for five seasons from 2000 to 2005. 

Even though he was busy acting, Sorbo also found the time to author the book “True Strength: My Journey From Hercules to Mere Mortal and How Nearly Dying Saved My Life.” Sorbo also co-authored the book “True Faith: Embracing Adversity to Live in God’s Light,” with his wife Sam, which is scheduled for release February of 2020. 

Sorbo is set to take the stage Friday, March 6 at 7 p.m. during Branson Con for a special up-close panel. There is also a private VIP screening with Sorbo being planned during the three day convention. Lastly on Sunday, after the planned “Nerd Church” there will be a highlighted final event with Sorbo covering the release of his new book “True Faith: Embracing Adversity To Live in God’s Light.”

Sorbo will also be doing an exclusive up close discussion on his new follow-up book with a private book signing.

In addition to Sorbo, Branson Con will also see “four mighty powerful actors,” Tracy Lynn Cruz, Selwyn Ward, Melody Perkins and Blake Foster, who are all best known for their respective roles in the “Power Rangers” franchise. 

Cruz played the role of Ashley Hammond from 1997 to 1999 as the “Yellow Turbo Ranger” in “Power Rangers Turbo,” and the “Yellow Space Ranger” in “Power Rangers in Space” and “Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.”

From 1997 to 1999, Ward played the role of the “Red Turbo Ranger” on “Power Rangers Turbo” and “Blue Space Ranger” on “Power Rangers in Space” and “Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.”

Perkins joined the cast of “Power Rangers in Space” and played dual roles as “Astronema” and “Karone” in 1998. Her role then evolved when she morphed into the “Pink Galaxy Ranger” in “Power Rangers Lost Galaxy” in 1999.

In 1997, Foster starred as “Justin ‘The Blue Power Ranger’ Stewart” in “Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie.” Foster reprised his role as the “Blue Turbo Ranger” for “Power Rangers Turbo” in 1997, and “Power Rangers in Space” in 1998. 

All four of the Power Rangers actors will come together during Branson Con for a special Power Ranges group panel, which will include post-show photo ops and signings at the Welk Resort Theatre.

Branson Con is also welcoming illusionist Josh Farley to the 2020 “Theatre Con.” Farley is an accomplished illusionist performing his magic, sleight-of-hand, and comedy all across the United States and Canada. 

Farley was featured on a recent episode of “Penn & Teller’s Fool Us.” On the show Penn Jillette said of Farley’s performance, “Genuine. Kind. Confident. We loved every bit of it.” 

Farley will perform a special show at the Welk Resort Theatre on Friday, March 6, at 5 p.m. 

Wrapping up Branson Con’s special guests are social media personalities Tim Church and Josh Grisham, the Nerd Informants. (Tim Church is also a reporter for the Branson Tri-Lakes News.) Headquartered in Branson, the Nerd Informants have created a conglomerate of social media pages and video channels where nerds of all ages can stay informed and up to date on all the latest news from their favorite fandoms.

At Branson Con, the Nerd Informants will serve as moderators for all the special guest panels and shows inside the Welk Resort Theatre. The nerd duo will also act as Emcees for the 2019 Branson Con Cosplay Competition, which is organized by Professional Cosplayer Jen Greeley. 

Forged in Form Master Cosplay Bruce Holt is also returning to Branson Con 2020 to host three special form building workshops. Additional information on those workshops will be available soon.

In addition to weekend pass holders, the general public can also get individual tickets to any of the over 10 pop-culture related shows. Advance weekend passes and select ticketing are available at 

All shows include Meet and Greets, photo ops and autograph signing after the shows.

Branson Con is made possible by Branson Premier Promotion, The Branson Loop, Ozarks Marketing Group, the host location The Welk Resorts Branson, The Grand Plaza Hotel, and many more sponsors to be announced between now and the event.

Visit to keep up with more guest announcements.

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