The city of Branson issued a statement Thursday that, effective immediately, W. State Hwy 76 in the city limits is now called 76 Country Boulevard.

According to the press release, this name change only applies from the intersection of Roark Valley Road on the east end of the road to the intersection of Shepherd of the Hills Expressway on the west end.

All businesses, mailing addresses, signage and other marketing resources along this stretch will be required to change to accommodate the update, but no deadline has been set for these requirements.

According to Melody Pettit, city of Branson’s communications manager, the city sent out individual letters notifying anyone who is affected by the change of what their new “address” is.

For example:

‘1234 W. State Hwy 76’ under the new name change will now be ‘1234 76 Country Blvd’.

The section of what is now ‘76 Country Blvd’ used to be owned by the Missouri Department of Transportation. Due to the city of Branson gaining ownership, this strip of road could no longer be a state numbered highway, which prompted the immediate name change.

The name has been in use, at least informally, for many years, and the The Branson Tri-Lakes News has been calling this stretch of 76 as 76 Country Boulevard for at least two decades. The stretch of road is often referred to by its nickname “The Strip.”

According to the release, east of Roark Valley Road the route will continue to be referred to as Main St. to the intersection of Veterans Blvd.  But, from the intersection of Shepherd of the Hills Expy, westerly to the Highroad interchange, the route will now be part of State Hwy 376. In addition, State Hwy 465, better known as Ozark Mountain Highroad, will now be W. State Hwy 76.

If you have any questions about this address change, contact the City of Branson’s Public Works & Engineering Department at 417-337-8559.

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