Billy Gail’s

Billy Gail’s

A local favorite, Billy Gail’s Cafe, is reopening soon.

“We at Flat Creek Restaurants are very excited to announce that Billy Gail’s will reopen with all of your favorite menu items,” according to a press release from Flat Creek Restaurants. “We are proud to continue the tradition of this fine restaurant. 

“When we reopen Billy Gail’s, you will find an improved and expanded parking lot, and for your convenience we will accept credit cards.”

The owners of Flat Creek Restaurants are the official new owners of Billy Gail’s. Flat Creek Restaurants are located in Cape Fair and Republic.

“You will be welcomed by the staff and fine food that Billy Gail’s has been known for since 1995. We will be adding some Flat Creek favorites like our catfish and are super excited about two new items, one pound apple cinnamon roll and Monte Cristo sandwich.”

This reopening follows the passing of Elizabeth Gail Blong on Dec. 14, 2019, “the very heart of Billy Gail’s Cafe.”

Blong officially retired in 2017 after turning 80, and sold the business to her oldest daughter and son-in-law, Donna and Joe Funk, according to Branson Tri-Lakes News archives. 

Blong and her husband Billy owned Billy Gail’s Cafe for 21 years after opening in 1995 down Indian Point Road where Billy was a cook and Blong was a waitress.

The cafe has been at its current location off Missouri 265 since 1996.

“We’re going to preserve what they’ve done, it’s really important,” said Flat Creek partner and co owner Alan Kram.

“We’ll keep the same menu, expand it a little bit, we are going to bring some items over from Flat Creek such as our catfish for lunch, but the breakfast will definitely be the same, may add a few new items to the existing menu they have. I think the most important thing is the parking, seems to be a big, big issue and we’re getting ready to increase tremendously.”

Flat Creek Restaurants has announced an opening date for Billy Gail’s on Feb. 19 at 7 a.m. and will extend the original hours of operation to 3 p.m.

Billy Gail’s is at 5291 State Highway 265.

For more information call 417-338-8883

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