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The Farmers Market of the Ozarks’ Branson Farmers Market, seen here in a 2017 photo, is returning May 19 to the south end of Branson Landing.

The Branson Farmers Market is coming back to town for its 2020 run.

Starting Tuesday, May 19, and occurring every Tuesday from 3-7 p.m. Farmers Market of the Ozarks is bringing ‘fresh’ back.

“Our farmers market is a hub spot not only for getting your best source and selection of local food each week, but for live music, great local art, and visiting with your neighbors and supporting each other through this community connection,” said Market Manager of Farmers Market of the Ozarks Jesse Stone. “What happens at our market each week is a great experience made up of shopping, tasting, laughing, and strolling. We feed your body, mind, and soul!”

Just like a regular farmers market, there will be a double row of white-top tents, each housing a variety of diverse vendors.

According to Stone, individuals will stroll through, taking in the sights and smells, and then purchase whatever their hearts desire.

Most of the vendors take cards, but if anyone needs to run a card for spending-money, or if a customer wants to use an EBT card to purchase fresh, local food, or if anyone has some questions or need some FMO swag, they can head over to the Market Hub (tent), where someone can help them.

The Farmers Market will be on the south side (Bass Pro side) of the Branson Landing, where the bridge and ducks are easy to spot.

“We at FMO are proud of the tradition of local support and community that we have had the honor to start and continue to grow in the Branson area,” said Stone. “We want our Branson family to know that we so appreciate the support they’ve lent since the day we opened years ago, all the way up to now.

“FMO has worked hard to provide an improved way of life, both for our shoppers and for our farming families, and we are thankful for this year especially, as we work through the current trials, that we get to spend another year providing for, and being blessed by, the Branson community. We hope to see every face there that we have come to appreciate, as well as plenty of new ones.”

FMO is not just about getting healthy, fresh produce but also a great way to support local farmers.

“When you buy at FMO, you are buying from a local farmer in your own community,” said Stone. “That means that for your local economy, every dollar you spend at FMO gets put right back into your local community, and therefore eventually back into your own pocket.

“For your body, FMO provides the best and most ripe and local food available – it’s ripened until the day before you buy it (as opposed to coming in on a truck), it’s processed in humane and healthy ways, and unlike food in stores, it’s been touched by two sets of hands – the farmer’s and yours. The nutrition-packed nature of our food and the safety that local brings with it help to keep you healthy any time of year. That’s pretty great!”

According to Stone, FMO requires their vendors to live within a 150-mile radius of their market, produce their goods themselves, FMO does inspections to make sure this is the case, and keep a top quality product according to both health codes and FMO standards, “making FMO the first choice for both vendors and shoppers, which is great for everyone!”

“Branson shoppers know that we are the best source of local food in the area, and they let us know they need us every year, and we are so thankful for their continued shopping with us, and for their constant words of encouragement,” said Stone.

“For attending the market, we just ask that you bring your lovely self and get ready to have a great day with us. And you don’t have to wear shoes, but the pavement gets pretty warm.”

Social distancing guidelines related to COVID-19 so still in place, so individuals should keep a six-foot distance from others.

Visit for information.

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