Julia King was sworn in as the new Ward 3 Branson Aldermen at the Aug. 25 meeting.

Branson’s Ward 3 has new representation.

Julia King was sworn into office during the Aug. 25 aldermen meeting as the city’s newest alderwoman.

On Aug. 11 King was appointed by Mayor Edd Akers and approved unanimously by the aldermen to fill a vacant seat.

In a previous interview with the Branson Tri-Lakes News, King highlighted that, even though she is not a Branson native, she is excited about serving her new forever home.

“My husband and I, we weren’t born and raised in Branson,” said King. “I’m originally from Kansas, he’s originally from Springfield, Missouri, and so we chose to make Branson our home forever. This is where we plan to be, and I feel like the best way to get quickly familiarized with what keeps Branson going and what keeps Branson what we love about it is to get involved. So, my No.1 reason for serving is to be involved and understand who, the what, the why and how to keep Branson a wonderful place.”

King will finish the remainder of former Alderman Kevin McConnell’s unexpired term, who resigned from the position with an effective date of Aug. 7.

The term expires in April 2021 when King will then have the option to run for a full  two-year term if she wants.

Check out ‘Branson board selects new alderwoman’ on the Branson Tri-Lakes News website to learn more about King.

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William B

To bad it doesn't mean much anymore. The one there right now done care about theirs. Along with the mayor and attorney.

So Sick Of This Nonsense

What the heck (believe me I want to write something much stronger) does this post even mean? Let me put this in terms that won't get me edited....William, comments like yours may lead some to believe you are a pustule on the derrière of humanity.

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