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Screenshot from a video taken at the scene of the Branson house fire on Saturday night, June 27.

Western Taney County Fire Protection District responded to a residential structure fire on Saturday, June 27 in Branson.

Fire Chief Chris Berndt said at 10:31 p.m. five stations were dispatched on report of a fully involved structure fire at 436 Pershing Lane.

“The center portion of the building fire was through the roof. In fact, the roof was already gone in that part of the building. The area is not hydrated,” said Berndt. “We initially used an engine to attack the fire and had tankers in there to provide water until we got a line laid through some wooded area into a different subdivision and then up to a hydrant there. So we had a good water supply to finish up the extinguishment of the building.”

Berndt said the house was an older structure, but it was under renovation.

“A lot of things were tore up about it. They were in the middle of remodeling it. So nobody lived there at the time, and nobody was there at the time of the fire,” said Berndt. “So the fire wasn’t noticed until a neighbor was coming home from work and he saw the flames, and that’s when he called us. The house was a total loss.”

There were no injuries Berndt said and the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

“We did call the fire marshal in to investigate. But we are still no really sure what started the fire,” said Berndt. “There was clearly a long delay in (the) time that the fire started and we were called to the fire.”

Berndt also said the heat and humidity is something that becomes a factor during these summer calls.

“This was at night, but temperatures are going way up. Humidity is way up. It’s hard to fight fire. It’s pretty tough on personnel,” said Berndt. “We have to make sure we rotate them and that we have plenty of drinking water with us to have them well hydrated and taking breaks between fighting fire.”

Berndt added that units remained on scene until 3:30 a.m. A minute-long video showing crews fighting the fire at the scene has been posted online to the Western Taney County Fire Protection District Facebook page. 

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