Branson’s city staff is bringing a resolution before the Board of Aldermen to recommend the permanent closure of the Branson recycle center.

However, the resolution also contains two alternative ideas that would keep the recycle center up and running.

The first option is for no change to the recycle center operations and to simply reopen the recycle center. This option would take approximately five days to execute and would include no fees for usage and no evidence of residency to use the facility.

The estimated cost to Branson residents through taxes is between $250,000 to $300,000 a year.

The second option is to keep the recycle center permanently closed. The equipment would be sold off and personnel would be reassigned to vacant city staff positions, with zero cost through taxes to Branson residents.

The final option is to reopen the recycle center with a focus on decreasing the expenditure revenue gap.

The course of action for the final option would require adding personnel and equipment to weigh recycling trash, confirm residency, charge for usage and close all outstations. The estimated upfront cost for personnel and equipment is $300,000, with a carry over annual cost of approximately $500,000.

The work to reduce the expenditure revenue gap would take place by charging Branson residents a direct use fee based on the weight of recyclables, a flat rate for glass and a flat rate for hazardous materials. Rates for non-Branson residents would be 50% more.

According to a staff report from the city, the Branson Recycle Center costs approximately $250,000 annually.

Also, the priority-based budgeting process and concepts used by the city reportedly highlights that managing a recycle center is not an essential function of the city.

Finally, due to the fact that private industry performs trash removal services, along with the option to provide recycling services upon request, staff is recommending the option to permanently close the city of Branson Recycle Center.

Visit for the complete resolution.

This resolution will be brought before the aldermen for a one-time vote at the Tuesday, July 28 regular Board of Aldermen meeting at 6 p.m.

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Henry Lee

You will never get your money out of used equipment. How about joining Hollister recycling or try to get the county transfer center to carry on. I would not be against a charge per load. Recycle only the money makers.

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