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Construction is now underway at the future home of the Taney County Regional Sewer District headquarters in Kirbyville

Construction is now underway at the future home of the Taney County Regional Sewer District headquarters in Kirbyville.

In 2018, the TCRSD purchased a 5.72 acre lot located at 6733 East State Highway 76, approximately a half mile to the east of the Kirbyville Middle School. Now more than two years later, development of the property has began.

“That project has been a long time in the making,” said TCRSD District Administrator Brad Allbritton. “We started on the design process and was finally able to bid the building construction out this year. We got two bids on the project. The low bid being from Rich Kramer Construction and that came in at a little over $1.8 million to construct both of the buildings and perform some of the parking lot paving, concrete work and a little bit of sight work.”

In recent weeks, the Taney County Road and Bridge Department has been prepping the property for construction by conducting the excavation parts of the project. 

“As you drive by there now, you can see that the pads for the buildings and the parking lots are ready for building to start.  So we are very thankful for the Taney County Commission and the Taney County Road and Bridge Department,” Allbritton said. “We have a great relationship with them to partner with them and have them help us on that to get that site ready for building.” 

Allbritton added that Rich Kramer Construction is now able to proceed with construction, and they are expected to begin work this week. 

“It’s a one year contract, but we expect the buildings to be up in maybe six to seven months,” said Allbritton. “We’d like to think next summer that the sewer district could be working into our new location out there.”

Currently the TCRSD maintenance facility is out on F Highway and the administrative offices are located down the street from the county courthouse in Forsyth. Allbritton explained that with this project, they’ll be able to bring both of the facilities together at the new property.

“We’ll have two buildings. We’ll have an office facility up front and then we’ll have maintenance building with big bay doors for pulling our larger trucks and equipment in, storing them and performing maintenance on them,” said Allbritton. “So that would house all our administrative office staff and our billing staff in that front building. There will be a little small parking lot in the back, and then there will be a fenced-in area with a gate in the back for the maintenance facility, and that’s where our field guys will be housed. That’s where they’ll come start their day and do what maintenance needs to be done and just take care of our sewer system from that location there in Kirbyville.”

Allbritton added that their new maintenance facility will also include a very nice pump rebuild room.

“The sewer district has nearly 700 grinder pumps that we maintain through various collection systems in the county,” Allbritton said. “We’ve always maintained a very robust ability to rebuild grinder pumps to get as much useful life out of them as we can. We will have a nice pump rebuild room in the new maintenance facility in the back.”

Thanks to the new Kirbyville location, Allbritton said they’ll now be more centrally located geographically to all of their collection systems throughout the county.

“It will be a pretty good location for us to dispatch from there in Kirbyville and run over to the Forsyth Venice on the Lake area or out west as far as the State Park Marina and the Showboat Branson Belle,” he said.

While the TCRSD typically utilizes funds from the Taney County Half-Cent Sewer Sales Tax for it’s projects, Allbritton said that’s not the case for this project. Instead they are using funds collected from TCRSD customers sewer use fees that have been placed into a reserve fund.

“We did go out and request terms for financing and we did take out a loan, a 10-year, very low interest loan with a bank for $2 million to complete the project. The payments on that will be taken out of our reserve funds and budgeted through our operations budget, not the sewer sales tax budget,” said Allbritton. “We are servicing and sending out bills on a little over 3,100 customers, I believe it’s 3,150 customers. That is all our operations money.”

Allbritton added that those collected funds are also used to pay for the cost of treatment, electricity for the county lift stations and treatment plants and employees and benefits.

Visit for additional information on the TCRSD and their ongoing sewer projects.

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