Several important items passed their first reading at the Branson Board of Aldermen meeting on Nov. 10.

Three of the items discussed and passed include: 


W. 76 airport lease property

On June 23, the aldermen passed a resolution that gave city staff room to review and renegotiate the terms surrounding the ground lease that applies to the city’s W. 76 Airport Lease properties.

“If you recall a few months back we had this discussion to allow some assistance for some of our W. 76 lease properties,” said Rouch, at the Oct. 13 aldermen meeting when discussing the other W. 76 airport lease properties. “The idea behind it was that the businesses had been closed as a result of COVID for a period of time and they needed some assistance to help them with their rent.

“So, what we did was the amount of time that they were closed - if it was two months it was about 17 percent and so that’s where we got the adjustments. This adjustment was for base rent. These leases, there’s five leases, most of them have a base rent that is required and then a percentage of sales. Obviously if they’re closed we’re not getting the percentage of sales and neither are they. So, we wanted to, in good faith, help them out with their base rent and that’s how we came up with these numbers.”

According to the staff report, this contract amendment reduces Recreational Investment & Management Corp. (The Tracks) base rent amount from $80,000 to $66,400, saving the property $13,600 for 2020. This also reduces the annual minimum rental payment due from $145,000 to $131,400.

Amendments to other Airport Lease Properties have already been given relief through the same channels and passed by the aldermen. However, Recreational Investment & Management Corp. originally was not given the same relief percentage due to an apparent miscommunication. This amendment fixes that.

The contract amendments are for 2020 only. These rents will return to normal January 1, 2021.


ADAPT renewal

This memorandum of understanding provides funding for the Branson Police Department to conduct alcohol compliance checks at Branson businesses in conjunction with Branson Public School’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Team (ADAPT).

According to the staff report, this memorandum of understanding between the city of Branson and Branson Public Schools is for the purpose of identifying the responsibilities of the Branson Police Department in the implementation and execution of underage and binge drinking prevention efforts.

This is in collaboration with ADAPT, a coalition under fiscal management by Branson Public Schools.

As a partner in ADAPT, the police department agrees to actively participate in a comprehensive, multi-strategy process designed to better integrate and coordinate local, state and federal resources designed to reduce underage and binge drinking throughout Branson.


According to the report, under this memorandum of understanding, the police department assumes responsibility for the following:

- Conduct compliance checks throughout Branson.

- Participate in regular meetings of ADAPT as appropriate.

- Maintain regular communication with Branson Public Schools staff, ADAPT and community partners as needed throughout all phases of the prevention efforts.

- Appropriately report all acts of underage drinking and other alcohol violations through the proper channels to ADAPT, ensuring maintenance of a coordinated, comprehensive evaluation.

- Work with ADAPT and other community-based programs to promote activities and ensure coordination of strategies designed to decrease underage and binge drinking, including planning for additional compliance efforts.

- Through dedicated funding Branson Public Schools will provide the police department with $6,000 to be utilized in overtime alcohol enforcement between Oct. 1, 2020 and Sept. 5, 2021. Invoices will be submitted to Branson Public Schools after each compliance check, with final invoices for work completed submitted no later than Sept. 5, 2021.


This agreement expires Sept. 5, 2021.


Adjust monies for Missouri Regional Airport TDD

A payment of $6,583.76 will be made from the city of Branson’s Tourism Fund to the Branson Airport, upon the passage of this item’s final reading.

This payment covers the Pay for Performance (PFP) agreement between the two entities for the time period of Jan. 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020.

According to the Branson Tri-Lakes News archives, the PFP agreement the city of Branson has with the airport covers every passenger visiting the city.

This agreement states that the city will pay $8.24 for every Branson visiting passenger. A $2 million cap per year is included in the agreement for a 20 year time span.

The city makes payments to the airport twice a year.

According to the staff report, the city has paid $3,227,721.71 since July 16, 2010.

All payments regarding the agreement have come from the Tourism Fund, including the approved budget transfer in 2013 to cover the past payments, according to the report.

All three of these items still have to go before the aldermen again for their final reading, which is tentatively scheduled for the Nov. 24 regular Board of Aldermen meeting.

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