Branson Wash Company

Branson Wash Company

In just a few months, the wooded lot on Missouri 248, next door to Culver’s in Branson, will become the home of Branson Wash Company.

Last year, Branson Wash Company Co-owner Trey Pelz sold his business Clear Entertainment Marketing. Pelz said that before he ever sold Clear, he had already been working on his next business idea. While at the time, Pelz said he was unsure of what he wanted that business to be, he knew he wanted to build a brand from the ground up.

“I want to control the customer service. I want to control how we make people feel. I want to control the product. I want to make sure that we can deliver a product that is far superior than anything anyone can do. Then I also want to deliver a brand that is unmatched,” said Pelz. “One caveat is, we’re not leaving Branson. We love this community. So I started thinking around about it and praying about it and I started looking around and was having a hard time at first finding what it was going to be.”

Pelz said a clearer business picture began to form a couple years ago while on an annual duck hunting trip in Arkansas with a group of men from his church.

“On the way back, my truck is just trashed. Full of mud. It is nasty,” Pelz said. “There’s a really nice car wash in Conway, Arkansas that I always stop by. Two years ago we stop in there and one of my friends that went … was in the back seat and he says, ‘Hey Trey, why don’t you open a car wash?’   

Pelz said that during last year’s hunting trip, they returned to the same car wash, and that’s when his now silent partner, who was also on the trip, once again suggested that Pelz build a car wash. 

Since that time, Pelz said they’ve been working on creating their new business. 

“Typically in the car wash world, the branding and the marketing is kind of cheesy. It’s kind of corny. It’s like Mr. Suds or whatever, said Pelz. “Its like no one has really been aggressive in the marketing and branding world with car washes, and that’s a great way to support our community and have something for the locals. 

“Tourists will obviously use it as well. I thought this will be a great thing that would bridge that gap and would really hit a need.”

When it was announced at the end of last year, Branson Wash Company was initially set to go into one of the empty lots next to the incoming Nature’s Wonders on 248. 

However, Pelz said that, just before they were about to close on that property, they reached out to the owner of property next door to Culver’s, which is where they originally wanted the car wash to be built.

Pelz said the car wash will feature a single 80- to 100-foot-long tunnel, which will pull your car through the washing equipment after you drive up onto a conveyor belt. He said there will be several “cool” things about their car wash that will put Branson Wash Company into a whole different category than anyone else in the area and even the state.

“No. 1 is 85% of the water is reclaimed. So we recycle 85% of our water used, so what that means is it’s really good for the environment,” said Pelz. “We’re not wasting water, and there’s a green initiative with that.

“We have a new sonar technology that’s built into our tunnel that will actually scan your vehicle upon entry, and it will actually size our equipment in to meet your desired car. It will also notify our chemicals, our soap and our water, so we’re not wasting a lot of chemicals and soap on your Prius, but we would also give you what you would need for your bigger truck or car or SUV.”

While single-time car wash options will be available, Pelz said they’ll also be offering car wash memberships that use another type of unique technology.

“So you pull up, and if you’re a member, we have a scanner that actually scans your license plate. It will actually detect that your license plate is a member and the rail will come up and you can go straight on in for your wash,” Pelz said. “You don’t have to get out of the car. You don’t have to touch a screen. If you’re a member, you just pull up and go.”

Once inside the car wash, Pelz said they wanted create a way for drivers to know with 100% certainty that they’re getting the wash that they paid for.

“We’ll have full LED lights throughout the whole experience on our equipment,” said Pelz. “So if you buy the red package, you want to know that you paid for the red package. 

“So the lights will stay red with your vehicle as you drive. So it maybe purple in front of you, because they purchased the purple package. So that away it increases buyer confidence, because you know what you paid for is what you’re getting. So the lights stay with it.”

Branson Wash Company will additionally offer full service detailing packages and vacuums. Pelz said he’s also excited they’ll be able to bring several new year-round job opportunities to Branson.

“We’re going to be able to bring a dozen to 14 to 15 new jobs to Branson. So I think anytime you can create jobs in this town it’s a cause and effect that just helps so many other things.”

Construction on the car wash should begin in the next couple weeks. Pelz said he’s hopeful that they’ll have their new business open by the end of spring or early summer.

Visit Branson Wash Company on Facebook for additional information.

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