The Reeds Spring School Board unanimously approved a strategic plan that will help guide the district for the next five years.

Their tagline is “committed to academic and personal excellence” with the following mission:

“The Reeds Spring School District exists to equip and inspire students to reach their maximum potential through a commitment to academic and personal excellence by providing an innovative, student-centered, world-class education in a relationship-driven community.”

Reeds Spring parameters, which are established guidelines within which they will accomplish their mission, include how they will….

–Never tolerate discrimination of any kind.

–Always act with honesty and transparency as allowed by law.

–Never tolerate ineffective employees.

–Always maximize learning time.

–Always make decisions in the best interest of the students.

–Never violate board, local, state, or federal policies.

–Always be good stewards of our resources.

–Always be fiscally responsible.

They also have four outlined objectives, which are their “desired measurable observable and demonstrable end results”. The four objectives are:

–The percentage of students entering post-secondary opportunities or employment will increase annually.

–Each student will show improvement on local, state, and national standards annually.

–Increase participation in district programs annually.

–Increase recognition and distinction of the district annually.

Finally there are seven strategies described as bold resolutions that will dedicate their resources and energies for the next five years.

The first is Early Childhood.

“We’re excited about this one, we know the impact this will have on those kindergartners, that kindergarten readiness,” said Reeds Spring Superintendent Cody Hirschi. “We know that kids that are exposed to that early childhood literacy especially are just better off their whole lives.

“The focus on not only what we’re going to do here on campus but also what we’re going to do in the homes of our families – to be able to expand – and ultimately create enough momentum within the district that we can look at expanding the entire program.”

Second is Academic Excellence.

“This strategy is significant,” Hirschi said. “Honestly, I think throughout the entire strategic planning process, honestly throughout the whole year even as a board we’ve talked about academic excellence. So what does that look like, how do we get there and continue to move towards that goal.”

Third is Student Well-Being, and fourth is High-Quality Employees.

“This one directly goes back to our mission,” said Hirschi. “Our mission is a commitment to academic and personal excellence, focused on becoming a world-class school district. That doesn’t happen without great people, many of which are in this room, and great people that are out there that we want to bring into the district. This is critical when you talk about reaching that ultimate goal, what we’re aspiring to be, it’s a pretty important area.”

No. 5 is Community Awareness and Engagement and No. 6 is College and Career Readiness.

“We look at the wonderful things that are done at Gibson Tech,” said Hirschi. “Our Gibson Tech’s staff is phenomenal. The work that’s done there is significant. We have multiple sending schools that are sending schools everyday because they love what we provide. How do we continue to make that cutting edge, continue to enhance and expand it, some facility things that we know we need to do ... it needs to be a selling point so that we continue those programs to sending schools.”

The seventh strategy is Funding.

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