The city of Branson is one vote away from getting reimbursed by Taney County for expenses from Phase 1 of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

According to a staff report from the city of Branson, the city submitted an application for reimbursement of expenses that incurred after March 1 in response to COVID-19.

The city requested a reimbursement for Phase 1 in the amount of $19,169.51, $13,731.51 of which is for protective and sanitizing supplies and $5,438 for expenses regarding food delivery to senior citizens and fitness/sports/training videos for public wellness.

The amount later approved by Taney County was approximately $412 less, in the amount of $18,757.02.

The final break down was $13,318.51 for expenses related to protective and sanitizing supplies and $5,438.51 for citizen food delivery.

“We submitted an application for reimbursement of funds regarding the CARES Act money that was given to the county,” said city Finance Director Jamie Rouch.

“We submitted that back in July. We submitted $19,169.51 and this is pretty much giving us the approval to accept this money to the tune of $412 less than the $19,000, and that is simply because one of the items that we turned in was a subscription and the terms of this grant was essentially, it’s money we had already had to spend by June 30 and so the subscription was on a monthly basis.

“So, what we’re going to do is we’re going to submit it in Phase 2 for the next couple of months that we’ve already spent and so on and so forth. So, that’s really the one thing, the one item that did not get approved and understandably so.

“We did already spend this money, so it would just be a reimbursement of funds, so we are happy that this is out there and it’s a reimbursement.”

According to Branson Tri-Lakes News archives, under the CARES Act in May, Missouri received approximately $2.4 billion in federal funding, with Taney County receiving $6.5 million.

The final reading for this item is set tentatively for the Oct. 27 regular Board of Aldermen meeting.

For the complete agenda item, visit the ‘Agenda Center’ at

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