A long-vacant property on busy 76 Country Boulevard is now seeing some promise of activity, according to reports recently discussed at a Branson Planning Commission meeting.

This property, located between Dick Clark’s American Bandstand and Branson Center Stage restaurant, will be the new home of Branson’s Panera Bread Bakery Cafe.

A Special Use Application was submitted by Kurtis McMurray on behalf of Morris Hospitality, LLC for the new Panera Bread Bakery Cafe location to operate a restaurant with a drive-thru within the property located at 1700 West 76 Country Boulevard.

Branson Planning and Development Director Joel Hornickel said there are plans for other businesses on the property, but Panera is the only one that has been named so far.

“​At this time, Panera Bread is the only request received by the City for the subject property,” said Branson Planning and Development Director Joel Hornickel. “However, staff has reviewed a preliminary development plan for the subject property that showed other, additional business opportunities.”

Also discussed at the planning meeting is a subdivision plat that, in the future, can be the home of multiple new businesses.

Information regarding details of each agenda item are included in the Branson Planning Commission report for the May 5 meeting and can be found at bransonmo.gov under the ‘Government’ - “Planning Commission” tab.

At the meeting, another Special Use Permit Application was submitted by Branson Helicopters, LLC on behalf of The Track, LLC for the property located at 3309 West 76 Country Boulevard. 

“The Special Use Permit amendment to operate helicopter tours was approved,” said Hornickel.  “The applicant’s main request was to change the name of the operator, but they also requested a handful of other minor modifications as outlined in the published staff report. All requested amendments were approved.”

The additional requests, according to the report, were to:

- Remove the five minute minimum duration requirement to allow for a lower price point option.

- Remove the specific type of helicopter listed.

- Remove parking restrictions as additional parking has been added to the site since the old permit was issued.

- Modify previous “sneak peek” route that flew passengers west from the subject property to Lake Taneycomo and back to a new route north from the subject property to Shepherd of the Hills Expressway and back.

The commission also recommended the city’s board of aldermen approve a subdivision application submitted by Booker Cox on behalf of Rojana Enterprises, Inc, for a final subdivision plat for the properties located at 1601, 1649 an 1819 State Highway 248. The properties include Nature’s Wonders, which opened earlier this year.

“​The request presented to the Planning Commission was a Final Plat which included the creation of five parcels,” said Hornickel. “This is the item recommended for approval to the Board of Aldermen.

“One parcel includes the new Nature’s Wonders and a three space retail building which is currently under construction. Another parcel will include an AutoZone which the building permit is expected to be issued for in the coming weeks. The City has not received any other requests for any other property included in this item.”


Campground denied

The commission denied a Special Use Application submitted by Michael Mairot on behalf of US Flanson Cultural Entertainment, LLC to operate a campground and vehicle park within the Branson Event Center (the former Mel Tillis Theatre) at 2527 State Highway 248.

“This is the item that was denied by the Planning Commission,” said Hornickel. “While some of the Planning Commissioners shared their concerns during the meeting, the Planning Commission’s official reason for the denial will be reviewed and approved through Findings of Fact during their next meeting scheduled for June 2, 2020.”

Further action on any items that come before the Planning Commission board will then go before the Board of Aldermen for approval at a later date.

A Branson Tri-Lakes News reporter tried to listen to the planning meeting online, but a malfunction resulted in the meeting not being recorded, according to Hornickel.

Visit bransonmo.gov for the full agenda.

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