The 72nd Annual Adoration Parade has been scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 6, 2020.

The 72nd Annual Branson Adoration Parade is officially a go.

While many large scale events in Branson and all across the country have been forced to shut down this year due to COVID-19, the Adoration Parade Committee has announced plans to continue forward with the annual parade. The parade, as well as the annual lighting of the Adoration Nativity Scene, will be held in Downtown Branson on Sunday, Dec. 6, starting at 5:30 p.m.

“Since COVID in March, we have known that the parade was going to be under a microscope, so to speak, of what in the world are we going to do,” said Adoration Parade Chairman Charlie Engram. “So months and months and months of just touching base and what’s it going to look like. So about two weeks ago, we said, ‘We have got to get a decision made.’ Different people talking about different things, but we knew one thing for sure. We knew that the lighting of the Adoration Scene was going to take place and something for the 72nd Annual Adoration Parade would happen.”

While there will for sure be a parade, Engram said that at this moment they’re still working out the details on who will be available to be in the parade. Engram added that they are currently inviting folks to reach out to them who are interested in being a part of this year’s festivities.

“The key to this parade is keeping Christ in Christmas. It’s different than any other parade, probably, that’s in the United States that’s gone on for 72 years. So the people that would reach out are the ones that would like to meet the criteria of what we’re trying to do. Here’s a quote (Branson Mayor) Edd Akers has given many times, ‘The floats are a gift to the Christ child.’”

The Adoration Parade will also be following any and all precautionary criteria set by the city of Branson for the safety of those in attendance as well as those involved in the parade.

“Following all those social distancing rules and those types of things that have been set for us. We understand that these are in place. We are all aware of what the circumstances are around us,” said Engram. “The route will be the same. We’ll just ask people to social distance themselves the best way they can throughout that route.”

For additional information or to be a part of this year’s Adoration Parade call 417-334-5532 or email Engram at

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