Taney County received a record-breaking amount of trash during its annual spring clean-up June 12 and 13.

Originally scheduled to be held in April, the 2020 Taney County Spring Clean-Up was postponed to June due to the pandemic. During the clean-up, county residents had the option of dropping off items at either the Taney County Transfer Station in Branson or the Taney County Recycling Center in Kissee Mills.

Taney County Highway Administrator Devin Huff said, during the clean-up, they received a total of 35 tons of metal and approximately 200 tons of other trash.

“We filled 23, 40-yard containers at one location, which was around 115 tons. We had about 89 tons of clean-up debris … that people brought in to our transfer station,” said Huff. “But it was nonstop at the Kissee Mills location. We had traffic lined up three rows deep in the parking lot to keep them off the highway.”

Huff explained that the amount of trash brought in earlier this month is nearly double what they normally see during the spring clean-up.

Typically we only have the need for 12 containers at the Kissee Mills location. So it basically doubled,” said Huff. “It helps keep the roadside trash and stuff down. It helps a bunch.”

During the two-day event, residents of Taney County were able to drop off items such as furniture, appliances, automotive batteries, almost anything metal and glass free of charge. Huff said he has a couple of ideas why the county saw such an influx in items.

I don’t know if it had something to do with people being quarantined or that they had plenty of time to load trailers and all that and be prepared for when it happened,” said Huff. 

“Plus I think with city of Branson canceling their clean-up, that probably had a lot to do with it and brought more to us. I think that’s a lot of reason that we had more like we did.”

The transfer station accepted tires for $1 a piece, with a limit of 12 tires per resident. Huff said he didn’t have total count for the number of tires that were brought in, but he confirmed there were a bunch of them.

Huff added that they traditionally have both a spring and fall clean-up for the county, however the fall clean-up dates have yet to be scheduled.

The Taney County Transfer Station is at 274 Buchanan Road in Branson and the Taney County Recycling Center is located three miles east of Forsyth on U.S. 160. 

Call 417-546-7268 or visit taneycounty.org for additional information. 

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