The Taney County Health Department is stressing the need for caution more than ever due to the pandemic.

As of Thursday June 25, Taney County was up to 58 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and Stone County was up to 14 cases. Those only count residents of the counties who have tested positive for the virus.

“We have seen quite an increase over the last two weeks,” said Taney County Health Department Director Lisa Marshall during a Thursday update on Facebook.

She said the majority of these cases are community spread, which means it is not known how the person contracted the virus.

“We do encourage everyone to continue practicing all the precautionary methods, like social distancing, face coverings, hand hygiene, staying home if you’re sick and everything we’ve been saying for several months now.”

Last week, the health department’s board of directors even passed a resolution to urge and encourage community members to use face coverings in indoor spaces.

“It’s not a mandate or an order,” Marshall said. “It’s not required.

“We do know that they work.”

On June 27, Taney County confirmed 11 new cases in a single day. The health department issued the following itinerary for at least one of those 11 new cases:

Sunday, June 21

–New Beginnings Fellowship in Hollister - 9:30 am (unmasked)

–MoMo Sushi & Grill in Branson - 3:00 pm (unmasked)

Wednesday, June 24

–Target in Branson - 2:30 pm (masked)

–Thursday, June 25th

–Target Starbucks in Branson - 2:45 pm (masked) 

For more information contact the Taney County Health Department at 417-334-4544, or visit

In Stone County, the new cases had been isolating at home or traveled outside the area. However, the Stone County Health Department provided the following itineraries for visitors who were confirmed in their home counties: 

Saturday, June 20

–Silver Dollar City - all day

Sunday, June 21

–Billy Gail’s - 11:30 - Not masked

Wednesday, June 24

–Silver Dollar City - all day

Thursday, June 25

–Branson West Walmart - 1:00 - Masked

Call the Stone County Health Department at 417-357-6134.

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