A proposed affordable housing development at 325 Wildwood Drive, parallel to the Tanger Outlets, received unanimous support from the Branson aldermen.

The proposed housing development by North Star Housing, LLC, to be called The Cottages at Oak Creek, will include approximately 40 permanent, two or three bedroom residential units, according to the staff report provided by the city of Branson.

“I appreciate the time this year, I’m here to make a similar request as we did last year, not really much has changed,” said Andrew Danner, principal in North Star Housing, LLC. “We got good feedback from the Missouri Housing Development Commission and now that they have more funding, now that the state low-income housing tax credits are available, we hope we can garner some funding here.

“Our location is in a great walkable score area to jobs, opportunities and other means if they don’t have reliable transportation. So, we think our location and the surrounding amenities, along with the surrounding uses, is very complimentary for the townhome structures that we plan on building, 40 of them.”

In addition, the two story, quadplex townhomes are expected to be complimented by a community center near the development’s entrance.

“We have two and three bedrooms, so it’s focused on families,” said Danner. “We’re working with OACAC (Ozarks Area Community Action Corporation) to do our supportive services for the development. We’ve previously done a development down here with Developmental Connections – we did a 100% special needs (housing development) up on E. 76 over there by their facility. This won’t be our first project done here, we’re excited to come back.”

This resolution, to get the verbal support of the aldermen, is a step that could help the development receive additional funding from the Missouri Housing Development Commission.

“Most years, the Missouri Housing Development Commission gives developers the opportunity for some funding to help cities acquire additional affordable housing,” said Planning and Development Director Joel Hornickel. “You may recall that this group provided a similar presentation last year in their effort to try and get funding, they came up just shy last year, so they’re back again this year to make the similar request.”

According to Danner, they did not receive the additional funding last year due to a lack of funding.

“They just didn’t have enough funds,” said Danner. “Last year they only had federal credits and so this year they have federal and state credits. So, we’re hoping that the increase in funding allows for more applications. I’ll say there’s around 120 applications put in a year across the entire state of Missouri and they only fund about 24-25.

“We don’t take it lightly on trying to come in and put in a project that costs a lot of money, to put these applications together. If we didn’t get good, strong feedback, we wouldn’t come back for a second bite of the apple. We think the opportunity’s here, we think the need is here and we think the qualified allocation plan that the state puts out should benefit Branson the way it’s written for their points and everything else. So, the more funding, the more opportunity.”

To view the full resolution from the Oct.13 Board of Aldermen meeting, visit the ‘Agenda Center’ at bransonmo.gov.

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