Members of the State of the Ozarks community are coming together on Friday, Dec. 20 to host a Holiday Pop-Up Shop at Stafford’s Barber Shop in Downtown Branson.

In recent years, State of the Ozarks, an online magazine publication, has created a team of businesses and individuals who work together toward a common goal of seeing the Ozarks community flourish and grow.

Among those SOTO Members putting together the Holiday Pop-Up Shop are Downing Apparel, B-Town Threads, Baily K Designs, Shawn Cash Pottery and Twinkle Market.

“I’ll be doing straight razor shaves that night at the shop,” said co-host Joshua Stafford with Stafford’s Barber Shop. “Everything is very eclectic but somehow it’s a great representation of the Ozarks.

“We’re just a bunch of locals trying to make a difference in the Ozarks.”

This free event will also give residents the opportunity to donate winter apparel to those in need.

“The city of Hollister is collecting scarves, mittens and hats for all kids’ sizes until January,” said co-host Rebekah Houle of Downing Apparel/B-Town Threads. “We are doing a discount the night of the Pop-Up if you bring something for the winter clothing drive.” 

Collected clothing will be delivered to city of Hollister, which will make the clothing available to children in the Hollister school district.”

The Holiday Pop-Up Shop will also include live jazz performances from Indie/jazz acoustic duo JEM, as well as refreshments. 

“I’m just excited to attend,” said SOTO Member Administrator Joshua Heston. “Traditionally, my core staff and I have created and hosted State of the Ozarks events. 

The Holiday Pop-Up is the first of its kind: A member-hosted event that I haven’t had to plan! We hope this event to be the first of many member-inspired events supporting our locals and giving a sense of community pride.”

This event is free and open to the public. Stafford’s Barber Shop & Shave Co. is located at 122 U.S. 65 in Branson. For additional information call 417-597-4318. 

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