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The city of Rockaway Beach is hosting a Pink Floyd Laser Light and Pyrotechnic Show on Saturday, Sept. 5 on Rockaway Beach Island.

On Saturday, Sept. 5, Rockaway Beach is hosting a Pink Floyd Laser Light and Pyrotechnic Show to benefit Christian Action Ministries.

Rockaway Beach Mayor Rex Wood said the event came about in a miraculous way, when Laser Rentals of Joplin Producer Walt Meador came before the city and made the proposal to help raise funds and food for CAM.

“We got him set up to speak to the board and everyone was in unison to have him come and present, said Wood. “It was so exciting we just couldn’t pass and of course we’re very familiar with CAM. So we embraced him and the idea and asked what he needed from our city to make it happen. We’ve been working on it diligently.”

The show is being produced in cooperation with Laser Rentals of Joplin and show content contribution from Paramount Entertainment of San Antonio, Texas. 

Meador shared the inspiration behind him wanting to bring the show to Rockaway Beach can be traced back to his childhood visits to the area.

“My uncle was the mayor there back in the 50’s, so I used to go there and I used to spend Christmas there. So I’ve got roots in Rockaway,” said Meador. “In the late 80’s I just had this vision that I would love to do a laser show here in Rockaway sometime. You know time, business and travel, I never got that chance again.”

Meador explained that when the pandemic hit in March he realized it was an opportunity to make his vision happen. 

“It was just the circumstances, as bad as they were, gave me the chance to help the food banks in Missouri, because I know there’s a lot of people really hurting,” said Meador. 

“At the same time, do something I’ve really wanted to do for a long time and that’s pretty much the gist that started it all.”

The show will be a fundraiser for Christmas Action Ministries Food Banks of the Ozarks and the price of admission is canned goods, non-perishable food items or cash donations. 

The production is being set up on Rockaway Beach Island starting at 7:40 p.m.

“We’re going to open it up with a real popular Pink Floyd song and they’re all good, classic cuts of Pink Floyd music. So the lights come down, the island lights up and that’s how we start our show. We have a screen, so we have video playing that has a lot of stuff relative to Pink Floyd and some of it is concert footage of Pink Floyd and I have that on a large inflatable screen. It’s like 14 feet high and 20 feet wide. Then on either side of that are all kinds of lights and lasers,” said Meador. “I’m bringing a whole armada of lasers so that when certain things happen, not only will there be lasers happening on the screen, there’s an array of lasers that are dimensional and glide over the audiences head and terminate in the sky.”

Meador said the show will run about 80 minutes and at intermission, his friend “Laser Ed” will come out to provide some live entertainment with his liquid violin. 

“We’re going to have some live entertainment with the guy playing an electric liquid violin to some Pink Floyd music for about eight minutes to get ready for the second half and if somebody needs to take a little break for a second.”

Meador added that the show they’re putting on for Rockaway Beach will be a one-time only special event, because what’s being put together will never happen again.

“I’ve got a lot people who are friends of mine from over the years who are donating things and even though I’m paying out of my pocket for a lot of it, there’s also a lot of it that’s donation,” said Meador. “I’ve got one guy in California that’s done the aerial programing and he does Dancing with the Stars and the pyro guys are from St. Louis and they do the St. Louis Cardinals.

“So I’ve got some real great professional people working with me, so that’s pretty exciting too.”

During the event social distancing will be observed and masks are suggested. Folks are encouraged to bring their lawn chairs and blankets. 

“Pink Floyd may not be your cup of tea. Still come check out the show. It does have video, it is moving and we promise to try and make it not boring for those who don’t like Pink Floyd,” said Meador with a laugh. “If you like Pink Floyd it’s a heck of a thing to go to. I think more than anything, you can say that about it.”

For more information call the city of Rockaway Beach at 417-651-4424.

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