Despite a fourth quarter battle, the Reeds Spring Wolves fell to Skyline 58-40 in the first round of the Blue and Gold tournament.

The first half of the matchup proved tough for the Wolves Thursday afternoon. They put up only half of the points Skyline did.

In the first period, three Wolves made shots outside the arc: Ty Cooper, J.T. Bayliff and Lance Hafar. Micah Asbill added two points. In the second period, the Wolves only added five points – three from Cooper and two from Tanner Hirschi. They left the first half trailing Skyline 32-16.

Coming back from the half, the Wolves were able to score eight in the third period. Bayliff, Hafar, Evan Gross and Hirschi all put up two points. In that same time, Skyline was able to add 17. Skyline had a 25 point lead heading into the final period.

In the fourth period, the Wolves allowed Skyline just nine points. They put up 16 of their own – Brandon Reeves-Eakins came in for the first time the entire game to put up four, Gross added another four, Cooper and Hirschi both put up three and Caden Wiest came in for the first time in the game to put up two.

The Wolves move on to the consolation bracket, facing Aurora Friday evening.

Further updates from the Blue and Gold Tournament will be in Wednesday’s paper.

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