Senior Brandt Cochran takes a shot last season. Cochran added up 37 points in the weekend’s two losses.

The Bobcats fell short of two victories on the road this weekend. They dropped Friday’s game to Bethel 107-85 and Saturday’s game to John Brown 96-82.

Head coach Steve Shepherd said he thinks the problem this weekend was just the fact the Bobcats played against two separate outstanding teams.

“It’s an early season,” Shepherd said. “But Bethel was undefeated and had some really nice wins. John Brown’s also undefeated and has some nice wins as well.”

In Friday’s loss, the Bobcats averaged 51.4% in two-point field goals and 34.8% in three-point field goals. Their opponent made 47.2% of their three-point attempts, which helped put them ahead.

“We have some limitations as far as our depth,” Shepherd said. “But each half, we shot a pretty good percentage.”

On Friday, junior Treydon Rackley put up 21 of the team’s 85 points. Senior Brandt Cochran, along with freshmen Andrew Mitchell and Trent McBride all put double digits up on the board themselves.

Going into Saturday’s game, head coach Steve Shepherd knew the team had to be physical against John Brown at home. And his team made it a battle.

Not even a full 20 seconds into the game, Cochran got the first points on the board for the Bobcats. He put three more up just another 20 seconds later. 

But it didn’t take long for John Brown to catch back up. They took the lead and increased it to nine points. Eight minutes into the half, the Bobcats made a bit of a comeback. Rackley and freshman Ayden Stone made three separate shots in less than 40 seconds to bring the Bobcats within just three points of their opponent. A three-pointer from Cochran tied up the game.

The teams would tie it up three more times in the first half, before the Bobcats would leave with a five point lead. They had tied the game up five times total in the first half, and taken the lead back once with just under three minutes left in the half.

In the second half, the team struggled to get off to a good start. John Brown quickly put up a couple of key shots that would put them back on top by one. Despite the Bobcats battling back a bit, they were only able to regain the lead once more through the rest of the half.

Cochran put up 23 points in Saturday’s loss. Rackley added 16, Mitchell added 14 and sophomore Klay Barton put up 11.

“All in all, I was really pretty pleased with how we played for the weekend,” Shepherd said. “I think we played about as well as could be expected. All four halves were pretty solid.”

Shepherd said the guys have a tough season ahead of them, and it’s still really early on. Three of their four losses have been on the road, and he says it can be a struggle to play teams on their home courts. That being said, he said the most important thing is for his team to keep working hard and practicing.

“Just working to get better and learning from each game,” Shepherd said. “That’s what we’re trying to encourage our guys with.”

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