Pirates: The Pirates fell to Glendale 59-52 on Tuesday. The loss put the team at a 4-8 record for the season.



Tigers: The Tigers fell 50-37 to Berryville Tuesday night. The loss put the Tigers at 5-7 for the season.

Reeds Spring

Lady Wolves: The Lady Wolves fell 53-32 to Springfield Catholic Wednesday night after picking up their first couple of wins for the season at the Southwest Holiday Tournament last month. 


Blue Eye

Bulldogs: The Bulldogs were able to come out with a 67-45 win over Chadwick on Tuesday, putting them at a 7-4 record for the season as of Thursday. 

Lady Bulldogs: The Blue Eye Lady Bulldogs fell to Miller 55-49 on Tuesday night. 

The loss put them at a 7-4 record for the season prior to competing in the Sparta Lady Trojans tournament.


Panthers: The Panthers fell to Crane 73-64 on Tuesday, putting them at a 9-4 record for the season prior to their game against Buffalo. 

Lady Panthers: The Lady Panthers picked up a 47-43 win at Ava on Tuesday, putting them at 7-2 for the season prior to their game against Stockton. 


School of the Ozarks

Patriots: The Patriots fell to Lighthouse Christian in the first round of the Seymour Bank Winter Classic on Monday. 

Lady Patriots: The Lady Patriots picked up a 60-43 win over Pleasant Hope on Tuesday.

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