Kaylee Henning led the Lady Panthers in points Thursday night, putting up 13 in the team's 51-22 win over Stockton.

The Forsyth Lady Panthers added another “W” to their record Thursday as they rolled over Stockton 51-22. 

They’ve lost just two games this season.

Head coach Mandy Rogers said their success this season lies in the fact that a different person often steps up every game.

“In years past, sometimes we’ve been one dimensional or two dimensional and have had one kid that’s kind of stood out,” Rogers said. “But one thing that’s made us successful this year is we’ve had a different kid leading us in scoring every night.”

According to Rogers teams often going try to take the best player away and put the focus on preventing them from scoring.

“Teams are going to try and do that to us too,” Rogers said. “But if we can have someone else step up, it’s hard to take away everything.” 

Rogers said during Thursday’s game, they were focusing on their defensive effort more than anything. In the first quarter, they held Stockton to just four points until the team put up their sixth point at the buzzer.

“Our defensive effort was good really the whole night,” Rogers said. “That’s one thing we wanted to focus on – more so than our offense was our defensive effort.”

Stockton put up the first four points early, getting out to a 4-1 lead. The Lady Panthers then went on a 13-0 run. After one, they had turned the early 4-1 deficit to a 14-6 lead. 

In the second, Stockton was able to hold the Lady Panthers to 12 points and put up 8. It wasn’t enough to close in on their lead though, as the Lady Panthers entered the half up 26-14.

In the third, the Lady Panthers opened with a 16-0 run while their opponents added just three of their own. The Lady Panthers went into the fourth with a 43-17 lead before adding eight points to the tally. Stockton only added five of their own in the fourth quarter.

Kaylee Henning led the team in points scored on Thursday, putting up 13 of the team’s 51 points. 

Henning was eight for nine from the line and added four assists and four steals. Scarlett Texeira added 12 points of her own and four blocks. 

Rogers also noted Emily Shipman had back-to-back buckets to start off the third, which helped break the game open. Shipman added four steals. Rogers said there were some big buckets and minutes from kids off the bench, which keeps them competitive.

“We’ve been very competitive all year,” Rogers said. 

The Lady Panthers started the season with a win over Seymour. They fell to Blue Eye in their third game of the season, but went on to win four more before falling to Blue Eye again. 

Rogers said the team has really bought into preparing for games mentally, day in and day out. She said they prepare for each opponent, and also respect those opponents and the things they’re good at. 

“We’ve done some great things this year,” Rogers said. “But our opponents have too.” 

Rogers said the team just tries to take it one game at a time, and they recognize the season isn’t over yet.

“We have some tough games coming up,” Rogers said. “There’s really nothing on our schedule that we can sit back and relax and take the night off by any means. Every night is going to be a battle.”

Coming up at the end of the month, the Lady Panthers are playing in the Galena Lady Bear Classic January 23rd to the 25th and the 30th Annual Mansfield Lady Lion Invitational January 26th to February 1st.

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