Hayden Forester goes up for a shot. Forester led the team in points scored, putting up 15 of the team’s 62 points in Friday’s victory.

The Bulldogs improved to 6-4 for the season Friday after picking up a 62-21 win over Wheaton. 

Head coach Kyle Turner said he thought his team came out and played with good energy, which he believed to be a concern going in considering the team doesn’t play in any tournaments over the holiday season. 

“There’s always a concern that we’ll be a little sluggish getting back,” Turner said. “But I thought energy-wise, we did a good job.”

The Bulldogs got out early on Wheaton. In the first quarter, they had worked their way up to an 18-5 lead. Nathan Garnett put up six points in the first eight minutes off a couple of three pointers. Hayden Forester also put up six, and Isaiah Mitchell and Jake Reagan each added three.

Their success continued into the second quarter, where the Bulldogs added 23 points and allowed Wheaton to add just six points to the board before the break. Garnett added eight of those 23, Mitchell put up six, Ethan Pace came off the bench to score four and Lance Clark and Forester each put up two. 

Turner said the team rebounded really well offensively to start off the game. 

“I think our post players – Hayden Forester, Isaiah Mitchell and Jake Reagan – all three did a good job of getting offensive rebounds,” Turner said. “Lance Clark and Nathan Garnett even got in there at times as well.”

Things slowed down for the Bulldogs after the break.

In the third quarter, the team added just 13 points to the board. Five of those came from Forester, four came from Pace, and Reagan and Clark each put up two. Wheaton was able to add eight points to the board, but still trailed Blue Eye 56-19. 

The final quarter of the game was a battle from both sides. The Bulldogs put up six points, while Wheaton only put up two points in the last eight minutes. 

From a scoring perspective, Turner thought the Bulldogs were fairly balanced all the way across. 

“We didn’t have anybody score a whole bunch of points,” Turner said. “But everybody scored a decent amount, so we had good, balanced scoring.”

Overall, he thought his team performed really well – especially since Wheaton had played some pretty close games earlier in the season.

“For us to take care of business the way that we did, we felt pretty good about coming and starting out the new year,” Turner said.

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