Senior Brandt Cochran put up 36 points in the team’s loss to Bellevue. The Bobcats turned around a picked up a 105-95 win the next day.

The Bobcats picked up a win and a loss on the road earlier this week. They now have a 6-7 record for the season.

In the first game, the Bobcats fell to Bellevue 91-82. 

Senior Brandt Cochran led the team in points, putting up a game high 36. Sophomore Klay Barton followed with 17, freshman Trent McBride added 14 and freshman Ayden Stone put up 10. 

The Bobcats got out on Bellevue early, and maintained the lead for about five minutes. Bellevue came back and took a one point lead. The teams would battle for the next 11 minutes, but Bellevue took the lead for the fifth and final time with just four minutes left in the half.

At the break, the Bobcats trailed by six points. Coming back from it, the Bobcats allowed Bellevue to build up a 19 point lead at times. They didn’t cut Bellevue’s lead to single digits until there was just over a minute left in the game.

The Bobcats trailed by just five points nearing the end of the second half, but some fouls gave Bellevue the opportunity to hit some free throws. Bellevue made four of its six free throw attempts in the last minute to end the game with a nine point lead.

In the second game of the tournament, the Bobcats were able to come out with a 105-95 win over Midland.

Stone put up 31 points, Barton followed with 22, junior Treydon Rackley added 15 and McBride put up 12 of his own.

The game was pretty close at first. Midland scored the first two points, and the Bobcats tied it up quickly. With 16 minutes left in the half, the teams were tied at 7. Barton hit a three to put them on top, and a foul allowed Stone to attempt a couple of free throws. He made one, and the Bobcats had a four point lead. They would maintain the lead for the remainder of the game. 

The Bobcats entered the break with a 51-44 lead. 

The closest Midland would come to the Bobcat’s lead was seven points in the second half. 

The Bobcats do not return to play at College of the Ozarks until Jan. 21. In the meantime, they have seven games on the road.

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