College of the Ozarks Cross Country traveled to Vancouver, Washington to compete in this year’s NAIA Cross Country Championships Friday.

The team placed 35th with an average time of 27:55. Their time was only about two and a half minutes slower than the team that placed first.

In the eight kilometer men’s race, which is just under five miles, six Bobcats finished in under 30 minutes. Junior Samuel Baumer finished in 26:32.1 minutes. He placed 117th. 

His teammate, sophomore Garrett Pierce finished it in 27:31.8 minutes and placed 234th. 

The others to run in under 30 minutes were sophomore Wesley Moore with a time of 28:08.6, junior David Byrd with a time of 28:12.2, freshman Noah Rutledge with a time of 29:07.5 and  freshman Adin Hiebsch with a time of 29:33.2.  

There were over 300 men who competed in the race. 

In the five kilometer women’s race, which is just over three miles, six women from College of the Ozarks finished in under 23 minutes. Freshman Abigayle Money placed 154th with a time of 19:49.1. 

The others to run in under 23 minutes were junior Adeline Holder with a time of 20:15.2, senior Hannah Duncan with a time of 20:16.5, freshman Janelle Staal with a time of 20:57.9, junior Bethany Marteeney with a time of 20:58.5 and sophomore Mary Zimmerman with a time of 22:22.6.

Nearly 350 women competed in the race.

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