Cities and towns from Corpus Christi to Houston and into Louisiana are being deluged with feet of water spawned by Hurricane Harvey.

Since making landfall, Harvey has been an ugly uninvited guest to millions of Texans whose homes were either flattened by tornadic winds or flooded by water Harvey picked up in the warm waters of the gulf before bursting ashore.

In keeping with the generosity of our region, Missouri-based organizations have rushed to the aid of Harvey’s victims.

Bass Pro Shops is providing more than 80 Tracker boats to assist in rescuing flood victims from roof tops and perches high enough to avoid flood water.

The Tracker boats were sent to governmental agencies and other organizations involved in rescue operations.

It was reported that Bass Pro is also donating $40,000 in supplies, including protein-rich foods like beef jerky and peanuts for victims and volunteers, Fox Business News reported.

Bass Pro’s headquarters is just up the road in Springfield, with a store on the Landing and significant holdings in the Branson area.

There are seven Bass Pro Shop stores and seven boating centers in Texas, including three in the Houston market, according to Fox.

Tracker is one of many brand names owned by White River Marine Group, a subsidiary of Bass Pro.

In addition to the outdoor retail giant’s generosity, Convoy of Hope, also based in Springfield, sent out semi-trailer loads of donations to assist Harvey’s victims.

When others are hurting anywhere in our country, it’s the folks who make up this great nation that reach out with a helping hand to help those suffering. In this case, organizations from our region are the ones giving a helping hand to those flood victims on the Gulf Coast.

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