An abandoned dog has a new home thanks to the combined efforts of Taney County Ambulance District personnel. 

In a press release, TCAD Public Information Officer Johnathan Tudor said on June 13 that TCAD paramedics witnessed a white commercial truck stop and abandon a dog in the front yard of the ambulance station in Branson. Paramedics brought the dog into the station after the truck sped away.

The paramedics immediately realized Lucy – as she has since been named – was severely malnourished and had recently given birth to puppies. That night, Lucy was provided food, water, a bed and a much needed bath by various TCAD personnel, according to the press release.

By Friday morning, the owner had not returned to the station, so TCAD Paramedic Jeremy Price decided he would take Lucy home with him to give her a home. 

“When I took her to the vet, she was 32 pounds. She should be about 55 pounds. She was all swollen from nursing. You could see every bone in her body. She was real emaciated. She had fleas,” said Price. “She had parasites. She had worms. We got all that taken care of. Here in the next week or so, I’m going to take her back to get her fixed. She’s just the sweetest dog.”

Price said that he has another dog at home he rescued from the pound, and that all of his other pets are a rescue of some sort. He said if Lucy had not gotten along with his other dog, he would have worked with his sister-in-law, who works with a animal rescue, to find her a good home.

“There’s too many pets out there that don’t have homes, and some like Lucy who don’t have a good home,” Price said. “That’s all they need in life.”

Since Price took her home, Lucy has gained a personality. She’s happy and she’s putting on weight.

He added that Lucy immediately took to him and everyone at the station.

“She’s super friendly to everybody,” Price said. “I don’t think she has a mean bone in her body. She’s super sweet. She just wants to be around people and be loved on. She’s taken to everyone. When I come home, she’s bouncing and happy to see you. She hasn’t had any accidents in the house. You can’t ask for much better in a dog.”

Price said the saddest part of this story is that Lucy was taken from her puppies.

“She very much had just given birth. She was lactating and was all swollen,” he said. “What was sad is that she was continuously looking for her puppies. 

“She was continually searching. When we’d go outside and go to the restroom, she wouldn’t run away, but you could tell she was looking for something. Her puppies were still nursing.”

Paramedics did report the incident to law enforcement. 

Anyone looking for a new pet, Price encourages them to check the pound before going out to buy one.

“Go to animal control or a shelter, because there are wonderful pets there,” said Price. “People shouldn’t mistreat animals. That’s kind of a given, but it’s not often said enough.”

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