On Aug.19, the Branson Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce cut the ribbon to celebrate the grand opening of their new building. This new location has been specially designed to help fill a void for available meeting space for the Branson business community. 

Jeff Seifried, president and CEO of the chamber, said he is excited about the meeting space, the visibility that this new building provides and the ability to conduct business in their own space.

“We now have the right-sized space to do the business we need to be doing,” Seifried said.

According to Seifried, due to the lack of available meeting space, the chamber has received a lot of requests in the past for creating meeting space for local businesses.

This new space is on Gretna Road in front of the Shoppes at Branson Meadows.

When looking for a location for the new building, Seifried said Gretna made sense due to the easy accessibility year-round, as well as a good location for creating office space.

This new building, according to Seifried, includes a variety of dedicated meeting spaces with three 10-person conference rooms, a 125-person training room that can be split into two and also a board room. In total, Seifried said the building is 18,000 square feet.

Thanks to the new building, the chamber now has the available space to host and conduct business in their own facilities, as well as be able to reflect unique events that come to town.

“We now have a professional face to what we’re doing,” Seifried said. “For tours or business meetings or whatever else we do in the market, we are the first place people come to, we now have a professional face, and Branson is serious about the way it’s doing business.”

According to Seifried, the total cost of the project was $4.3 million with partial financing through the chamber’s reserve fund and the rest through the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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