Elevate Branson

Co-founders of Jesus Was Homeless, Bryan and Amy Stallings, have announced that the nonprofit is now called Elevate Branson.

Jesus Was Homeless has announced they are now called Elevate Branson.

The name change was announced during a press conference Wednesday. According to co-founder Bryan Stallings, the new name better represents the work being done to help people up and out of poverty.

“When we started in 2008, we used the phrase ‘Jesus Was Homeless’ as a, hey look, you don’t have to live in guilt and shame – even Jesus was homeless,” said Stallings. “But, since that time, we’ve grown as an organization to offer so many more services than just for the homeless but for the community as a whole, so we needed a name that would really encompass that.”

Jesus Was Homeless is a Branson-area nonprofit that has been helping the poor since 2008 and has transformed from its origins as a Thanksgiving meal, to providing physical, relational and spiritual support to members of the community.

However, a name change is not their only news. Elevate Branson has three big upcoming programs in store for 2020.

Elevate Branson will be helping children with special needs by providing a new sensory room with a professional, experienced educator and a therapeutic space to aid with self-regulating behavior.

No.2 is an in-progress tiny home community. This workforce housing will provide clean, safe, affordable housing along with services and support for those workers in the community who may need it.

Finally, Elevate Branson is starting the “Have a Heart. Give Smart.” campaign due to “panhandlers” continuing to be an issue in the community. 

This spring campaign is designed to make panhandling less profitable and reduce street corner donations by supporting organizations, like Elevate Branson, that are working to lift struggling residents out of poverty.

There will be an official program announcement on April 24 for the “Have a Heart. Give Smart.” campaign.

“This experience at the grass roots level has provided a wealth of expertise we’ll use to address some of the region’s most critical issues,” said Stallings. “When we help our neighbors build a better life for themselves and their families, the whole community benefits. Together we can do even more.” 

For more information about Elevate Branson, go to JesusWasHomeless.org, ElevateBranson.org, visit their campus at 310 Gretna Road or call 417.335.9915.

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