The first permanent cat cafe is coming to Branson.

Mary Trexler, owner of Mochas and Meows, says she hopes to open as early as the first week of October. This cafe consists of two units at the Falls Shopping Center on Falls Parkway a few doors down from Shogun Japanese Steak And Sushi.

One unit will consist of the cafe, where hot and cold beverages, smoothies and possibly baked goods will be available. The other unit will be a lounge complete with free-roaming, adoptable cats, a separate litter room and a one-on-one room to spend time with any potential adoptee.

There will be a cover charge for the cat lounge that consists of 30 minute and hour long intervals. A complementary and/or discounted beverage will be included within that price.

“Some people have this idea that a cat cafe is unsanitary,” said Trexler. “People are going to be really surprised.”

Trexler said she has been working closely with the health department to ensure cleanliness and to make sure everything is up to code.

“I’ve tried to cover all my bases,” said Trexler. “I won’t be violating any rules.”

The units will be combined using a double door system and have their own HVAC systems to further improve cleanliness.

Special events are also in the planning process for the future business, including cat yoga with a hired yoga instructor, full-service birthday parties, movie nights and themed trivia nights.

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