Calls and reports were made Monday evening regarding a threat against Hollister Schools via social media.

According to the Hollister Police Department they have been working directly with Hollister School administration and were able to quickly investigate and address the issue, deeming it safe to proceed with all normal student activities on Tuesday.

“Safety is our top priority,” said Kim Connell, communications director at Hollister R-V School District.

Hollister R-V School District issued a post for Hollister families Monday evening to inform them of the event as it progressed. The school district issued the following statement on social media, addressed to “Hollister Families”:

“We apologize for the late notice but wanted to communicate with all parents about a possible threat the school district became aware of late this evening (Monday, Sept. 9th) through social media. With reports from parents and students and the work of our administration and local law enforcement we were able to quickly investigate and address the situation. We greatly appreciate the work of local law enforcement to handle the situation.

“Thank you to those who reported the situation and allowed the school district and law enforcement to work together on the matter.

“As always we place the safety and security of our students as our top priority and look forward to serving your children tomorrow.”

Later, the district issued an update:

“Due to the nature of this situation, we are unable to release all details. We realize this can cause confusion and frustration. Our primary objective is to ensure the safety of all students. We are confident there is no threat to staff or students, therefore school will be in session (Tuesday).

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