Two women rescued from the hillsides of the scenic overlook in Forsyth

Two women were rescued Sunday evening by emergency personal after falling down the hillside at the scenic overlook on Y Highway in Forsyth. 

Central Taney County Fire Recruitment Retention Coordinator and Public Information Officer Walter Roberts said at approximately 5:10 p.m., crews were dispatched to the scenic overlook on a report of two individuals who had walked over the guardrail and had fallen down the hillside. Roberts said crews found a third person at the scene who had also fallen, but was able crawl back up the hillside to get help.

“By his story, they had gone over (the guardrail) and they were trying to get closer to the cliffs. There are a set of cliffs down there and they were trying to get a little closer look there and they had slipped and fallen down the hill,” said Roberts. “That hillside is pretty steep. There’s a lot of loose gravel. A lot of loose dirt on there. There’s a pretty good grade on that hillside they had slipped down. I guess in trying to get a look, they slipped and had gotten stuck.”  

Mutual aid was provided by the Western Taney County Fire Protection District Technical Rescue Team. Roberts said the two departments worked together to send a team down the hillside to rescue the two trapped women.

“We were able to make access to the patients on the hillside, and because of the steep terrain and some of the drop offs that they had to go down to make access, it ended up being easier for them to continue to take the patients down the hillside,” Roberts said. “So these patients were backboarded and lowered by rope to a boat that was waiting at the lakeside.”

While he didn’t go into detail, Roberts said that both women had suffered some pretty significant injuries. Once in the boat, provided by Western Taney County Fire, the women were taken to Empire Park, where a helicopter landing zone had been set up. Roberts said one woman was transported by Mercy LifeFlight Helicopter, and the other was taken by ground ambulance to a hospital to be treated for injuries.

“They had taken quite the tumble. One patient was found 80 feet away from the guardrail and the second patient was 160 feet from the guardrail,” said Roberts. “So they had both taken quite a bit of a slide down that hillside.” 

On top of Mercy LifeFlight and Western Taney County Fire, Roberts said his department is also grateful to all the other area departments who provided mutual aid at the scene, including the Forsyth Police Department, the Taney County Sheriff’s Office and the Taney County Ambulance District. 

“Our district is pretty grateful for the assistance that we’re able to receive from our surrounding agencies. We’re not able to provide quite the level of service without that assistance, so we’re always pretty grateful to have that,” said Roberts. “Thankfully, we were able to have as good of an outcome as we could have, given the circumstances last night.” 

As of press time, no updates on the current conditions of the women or their names had been released.

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I am sorry but if you climb over guardrails and try to get closer to dangerous area then you are stupid. Risking your life is not worth it. We could very well be reading about 3 lives which were lost.

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