Marty Schmitt

Marty Schmitt paints during 2015's Autumn Daze.

The special event permits for the 2017 Veterans Day Parade and Autumn Daze were officially signed Tuesday.

The Branson Board of Aldermen approved the permits for both events during a Tuesday meeting.

Set for Nov. 11, the planned route is similar to years past heading counter clockwise through downtown Branson. South from the Branson Convention Center then north on Branson Landing Boulevard, before turning on Commercial Street and College Street.

The 44th annual Autumn Daze Arts and Crafts Festival and Sidewalk Sale is set to run from Sept. 12-16. Taking place downtown, the event would encompass portions of Atlantic, Commercial and Pacific streets for vendors, a food court and musical venue area.

With the sidewalk sale, Alderwoman Chris Bohinc said local downtown businesses will have a way to participate in the event.

This event is also planned to be one of the first to use Liberty Plaza.

Cheryl Harrison, office specialist with city engineering, said Liberty Plaza, known as phase two in the Downtown Streetscape project, is on track for completion the first week of July.

Located off Veterans Boulevard and Pacific Street, the $4 million project will include a concrete parking lot, an outdoor stage, a public restroom facility and a fountain along a stone wall that will feature the Branson logo.

“Weather and things have been a challenge but the largest part of that will be ready to use for those events, so it will be great,” Alderman Kevin McConnell said regarding construction of the Downtown Streetscape project.

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