Forsyth City Administrator Chris Robertson.

Forsyth City Administrator Chris Robertson.

For the first time in approximately 15 years, the city of Forsyth now has a city administrator.

On Sept. 16, the Forsyth Board of Aldermen promoted long time City Supervisor Chris Robertson to the position of city administrator. In his previous role, Robertson only served as supervisor to the city’s different public works departments. With this promotion, he will now also supervise the city’s fire, police and building departments.

“It was simply to give the board members, the board of aldermen, a singular person to go to instead of talking to five different department heads,” said Robertson. “So basically just a point of contact that the citizens would be able to go to and have one person to talk to and also the board of aldermen when there are problems or they have questions.”

As he begins in his new role, Robertson said he’s already begun implementing some of his new ideas, one of which included coordinating some morning traffic control with the police department that began on Sept. 18.

“For about 30 minutes in the morning, from 7:45 to 8:15, we’ve got some traffic backing up,” Robertson said. “Police Chief Roger Ellis and I got together and decided to put some traffic control out there when we could. It’s not going to be every day. If there’s a call or something, or bad weather, but we’re going to do all the traffic control we can down there to help move the morning rush along with the school traffic and people trying to get to work.”

Additional Robertson said he would like for the city to apply for some grant money that could be used to continue the upgrades being made to the city’s park infrastructure. 

“At Shadowrock, we’re going to continue to fight floods at Shadowrock. We’re just going to keep cleaning it up and putting it back since it’s really the heart of the community. It’s in good shape and we would never turn out back on it, but we have started a new park obviously at Shoals Bend. 

“We’re getting ready to put in new playground equipment up there and a lot of infrastructure like safety fences and parking so we can have events in that area.”                

Other things Robertson said he’s working on or would like to see happen, include acquiring a small piece of land to put a sign on for Shoals Bend Park, getting signage put back up that was removed during the roundabout project and having a downtown revitalization project.

“A lot of small cities that I’ve visited, Weston, Missouri is one of them that I’ve visited, that has received a downtown revitalization grant,” said Robertson. “They had brick pavers, decorative street signs, street lights and canopies. It looked like something out of a Dickens book, so I’d like to do something like that.”

Robertson will also continue to represent the city as a member of the Taney County Airport Board and the Tri-Lakes Biosolids Coalition.

“I’m looking forward to the job and we’ve got all of our department heads that are great people to work with, so I don’t foresee any problems. I’m looking forward to working with the community and making Forsyth a great place to visit and live.”

Anyone with questions or would like to visit with Robertson can contact him at the Forsyth City Hall at 417-546-4763.

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