Silver Dollar City recently unveiled its “New Harvest Festival” featuring “Craft Days and Pumpkin Nights,” which will feature more than 10,000 pumpkins lighting up the park well into the evening through Oct 26.

“This Craft Days and Pumpkin Nights is very fun, very unique, and a total first for Silver Dollar City,”  said President of Silver Dollar City Attractions Brad Thomas. “Silver Dollar City is hosting a very special, and please note this, non-scary, family-friendly, Rated G event with pumpkins illuminated through parts of Silver Dollar City. We believe this event can literally bring tens of thousands of people to Branson to stay in hotels, and visit shows on the Strip, and enjoy everything else there is to do on the Strip.”

The “Craft Days” part of the festival includes more than 100 juried craftsmen creating unique pieces from hand-crafted jewelry to knives, baskets, treenware and wearable art. A new Makers’ Market features a variety of craftsmen throughout the festival, including the popular trends of vintage decor, timeless embroidery pieces, heirloom rugs, crafted family signs and customized baby accessories.

“Silver Dollar City has been doing crafts since the day we opened,” Thomas said. “Our first Craft Festival was in 1962, but we have a lot of new features, artisans and craftsmen this year, and a new Makers’ Market inside the Frisco building, where guests can walk in and watch these crafters demonstrate using old styles, old forms of craft to create works of art that can become an heirloom for their homes for years to come.

“You want to talk about made in America, this craft festival truly is made in America.”

Once the sun goes down, the park shifts its focus from “Craft Days,” to “Pumpkin Nights,” something they’re quite excited about. This new event transforms Silver Dollar City into acres of towering carved sculptures, including giant scarecrows, cats, owls, totem poles - even a nearly three-story Pumpkin Greeter. 

“It starts up at Brown’s Candy Factory and down to Red Gold Heritage Hall, then through Grand Exposition into an all new ‘Pumpkin Plaza,’” Thomas said. “Then we have a woodland area guests can walk through area. 

“Of course we have lots of regular,  life-sized pumpkins, and then these caricatures that range from six feet, all the way to 26 feet-tall. Plus, they’re all illuminated, so when the sun goes down, the pumpkins come to life.”

The Grand Exposition area will serve as “Pumpkinland,” as well as lead the way to more pumpkin fun. The gates of Grand Exposition will open around 5 in the evening, and back in the parking lot located behind Grand Exposition will be a festival area with a variety of activities.”

The new Pumpkin Pathway leads to the never-before seen Pumpkin Plaza with glow-in-the-dark black light dance parties and fall activities. Even though the new “Pumpkin Nights” event, which represents a more than $2 million investment, is something different for the park, Thomas said they were sure to keep it as “Silver Dollar City” as possible.

“This is a celebration of autumn, this is a celebration of family,” Thomas said. “We do our best when we bring families closer together, and that’s what Silver Dollar City tries to do every single day. We designed this event so everyone could have fun. The 3-year-old isn’t frightened, nor is the 23- or 93-year-old.”

On top of all that, for the first time ever, the park will see extended fall hours of 9 p.m. weekdays, and 10 p.m. on weekends this fall. Most rides will be open, weather permitting.

“You can still ride Time Traveler, Outlaw Run and Fire in the Hole,” Thomas said. “You can do it in the daytime, or you can do it at night. 

“Also in the daytime we have a new show called Cirque Éloize that’s only here for a couple of weeks. This one features a group of highly theatrical acrobatic performing in a lumberjack kind of thing, so it’s highly entertaining and exciting.”

As always, Silver Dollar City will also feature a special food menu all across the park, including pumpkin spice funnel cakes, pumpkin spice lattes, fancy fun glow-in-the-dark drinks and more.

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